NFL's 5 Most Desperate Teams Heading into the Homestretch

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIINovember 6, 2012

As the NFL's 32 teams turn the corner on the midway point of their season, with some teams in positions more perilous than others, we've sorted through the damage and picked the five teams that we think are the most desperate of the bunch. 

One team that seems to be desperate is the Washington Redskins. Head coach Mike Shanahan made a most curious statement when he said that the team would spend the rest of the season evaluating the talent on the team to determine who will return for 2013. That's an odd remark for a head coach whose team is only two games out of the NFC East race. 

Another team that seems to be clawing at the drapes is the Dallas Cowboys. Man, it seems like Dallas can't get anything right. It's hard to suggest that a team has been too conservative when its quarterback has an interception problem, but that's the Cowboys in a nutshell. The entire team has missed opportunities to make plays. That has to change. 

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