Update on Jack Swagger's Status with WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 6, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Speculation has been rampant recently regarding the future of Jack Swagger in WWE.

Reports claim that the former World Heavyweight Champion may be on the verge of quitting the company, after years of terrible treatment at the hands of the booking team. 

Wrestlinginc.com has offered an update on this story, writing:

According to a source, there is some truth to the story. Swagger recently informally spoke with Triple H about either a release, or taking some time off.

However, they also go on to note that, despite their shoddy treatment of him for much of his tenure, the company is keen to keep him on their roster. They also note that the feeling is he won't go to TNA (where a lot of ex-WWE wrestlers usually end up):

WWE wants to keep him, and there are those that believe that Swagger does not want to join TNA since TNA pays—in most cases—a third of what WWE pays. Also, no one backstage is really talking up TNA as being a great place to work, and Christian has been very vocal to this day about how miserable he was there.


Interestingly, over at her official Twitter account, model and former FCW Diva Catalina White, Swagger's wife, flat-out denied that Jack had asked for his release, calling the story "absolutely not true."

Regardless of whether or not Swagger has asked for his release, hopefully in the future WWE can move to utilize him better. After all, he's a talented wrestler with decent promo skills and a funny "arrogant athlete" gimmick that fans appreciate. With a little time and effort, the company could surely rebuild him and turn him into a solid upper/mid-card act.