Logan Tuley-Tillman: Complete Scouting Report of 6'7", 325lb Michigan Commit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 6, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Logan Tuley-Tillman is a 4-star offensive tackle prospect who's committed to play for Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines.

Tuley-Tillman is a big-time recruit for Michigan, both literally and figuratively. He checks in at 6'7'', 325 pounds, according to Scout.com, and he's only a senior in high school mind you.

He has the potential to be a great player for Michigan, and his size isn't the only thing that makes him such a good recruit for Hoke's 2013 class.

Here's my complete scouting report on Logan Tuley-Tillman:

  • Name: Logan Tuley-Tillman
  • Hometown: Peoria, Illinois
  • School: Manual High School
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • Height: 6'7'' (Scout.com)
  • Weight: 325 lbs (Scout.com)
  • Rankings: 4-star (Scout.com), 4-star (Rivals), 4-star (247Sports), 4-star (ESPN Recruiting Nation)




Tuley-Tillman's size is the most obvious positive, and he certainly has a lot of it. He's going to be a freshman in college, but he already has the size that compares to NFL linemen.

For comparison's sake, consider that elite NFL offensive tackle and former Michigan standout Jake Long is listed at 6'7'', 319 pounds right now by ESPN. Tuley-Tillman's size gives him the potential to be elite at the college level, as he already has the size of an NFL offensive lineman.

Like I said though, this 4-star prospect is more than just size. He displays very good explosion at the line of scrimmage, and his size and drive allows him to really push the line of scrimmage as a run-blocker. He's strong enough to move the defender backwards, and he should be able to move the line of scrimmage against Big Ten defensive linemen.

He also displays a very good and nearing elite kick-step. I believe he'll be a great pass-blocker for the Wolverines.

The pictures below are taken from one of his workout films. Notice how he picks his back leg up and then back on a wide angle. His good technique allows him to cover a lot of ground with just one kick-step, and that will naturally force the defender to take a wider path to the quarterback.

In the next two pictures you can see him recover from his kick-step, bring his right leg forward back to a base, but he never brings his feet to close together, which is great technique. He then steps again with his outside foot, which allows him to keep a wide, balanced base, and keep the defender on his outside half.

He then recovers to a normal base, which allows him to move either way with the rusher. Notice how his feet are back, his hips are low and his knees are bent, which helps him maintain leverage against the defender.

Tuley-Tillman displays great instincts as a pass protector, and I believe that will be his strength as a member of the Michigan Wolverines.



The one problem Tuley-Tilman will run into because of his size is lack of leverage. His height will make it harder for him to truly get under a defender, which helps get them on their heels to drive them backwards.

His strength and mass will make up for a lot of that, as will his footwork and technique. But it will be easier for defenders to rip under him or even chop him down in running situations.

He'll have to work on really bending his knees and keeping a low-pad level as a run-blocker, and he'll need to rely on his footwork and quickness to avoid being blown back as a pass-rusher.



The negatives for Tuley-Tilman are very small and picky points because other than that, he displays all the intangibles that would lead me to believe that the 4-star offensive tackle can be a staple on Michigan's line once he's able to see the field.

His size will be a huge plus for him at the college level. As he continues to work on technique, he could develop into one of the better offensive linemen in the country.

He's the perfect fit for Hoke and the Wolverines as they try to transition to a pro-style offense. He'll be able to move defenders as a run-blocker, and he looks to be a very proficient pass-blocker.

Tuley-Tilman is going to be a huge part of the future of the Michigan Wolverines' program.

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