Andrew "Test" Martin's Most Memorable Moments in the WWE

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Andrew "Test" Martin was found dead yesterday in his Tampa Bay FL apartment, and I know a lot of writers on the B/R community have written about his death already. I am not here to make an obituary for Test, instead I decided the best way to honor him is by highlighting some of my favorite Test moments and matches and sharing them with you all.

Test's Debut: The Rock vs. Triple H w/ Chyna; WWE Championship Title match (WWE "RAW" December 14, 1998):

During this particular match, The Corporation's Champion, The Rock, defended his WWE Title against Triple H. This match would also include outside interference by Chyna and Commissioner Shawn Michaels (who was then working for The Corporation).

But it was the debuting Test who delivered a pump handle slam to Triple H to assure the victory for The Rock. Test would be introduced as The Rock's bodyguard and join The Corporation after his debut.


Test vs. The Big Boss Man, Mideon, and Viscera (WWE "RAW" May 3, 1999):

In this particular segment, during Shane McMahon's reign as leader of The Corporation, Test left the group (along with other ex-Corporation members) due to the fact he felt "misused" and wasn't getting the attention he deserved.

As punishment, Shane ordered this three on one handicap match to send a message.

But Test pulled out all the stops and beat The Corporation, although after the match a vicious beat down of Test began, untill The Union (Mankind, The Big Show, and Ken Shamrock) came to his aide signaling and extending a membership to Test.


Test vs. Shane McMahon in a "Love Her Or Leave Her Match Street Match (WWE "Summerslam 1999" August 22, 1999):

Test fought Shane who was not happy with Test's budding relationship with Shane's younger sister Stephanie.

The two settled their differences in a street match in which the stipulation was if Shane won, Test would leave Stephanie and stop pursuing her romantically. If Test won, Shane would have to back off Test and Stephanie's relationship.

The match also included interference from the Mean Street Posse who interfered on behalf of their friend Shane McMahon. Test managed to win this grueling match against his adversary and finally gained a measure of revenge and respect.

Part One:

Part Two:


Test vs. Triple H; WWE Championship Match (WWE "RAW" November 8, 1999):

Newly crowned WWE Champion Triple H was a thorn in the side of Mr. McMahon, and he decided to stack the deck against him by giving his future son-in law a title match against Triple H in one of Test's only WWE Heavyweight Title shots. Who can ask for a better wedding present?

This widely forgotten match took place three weeks prior to the Test-Stephanie wedding and was widely in favor of Test, as Mr. McMahon was the official time keeper, and Shane McMahon was the referee.

Test had the match won after some interference from the McMahon men, but DX interrupted the pin cover on the Titantron with a live feed of them assaulting Stephanie McMahon backstage. Test and both McMahon men left the match to defend her while leaving Triple H with title intact.


Test and Stephanie McMahon's Wedding (WWE "RAW" November 29, 1999):

This is one of the most remembered moments in Raw history. Test was supposed to marry Stephanie McMahon, but Triple H had plans of his own. He crashed the party and revealed that he had in fact drugged and married Stephanie in a drive thru wedding ceremony as Raw went off the air.

It was later revealed that Stephanie was in on it and turned on Test. Ushering in a new era in wrestling—the McMahon-Helmsly Era, which devoted itself to bending the WWE to its will and messing with Test any chance they got.

Part One:

Part Two:


Test and Albert with Trish Stratus (T&A) vs. The Dudley Boyz (WWE "Backlash 2000" April 30, 2000):

Test found himself tagging with former training mate Albert alongside the guidance of Trish Stratus in the widely popular stable called T&A. At Backlash, they faced the Dudley Boyz who had recently started putting females (Lita, Mae Young, Ivory) through tables, and Trish was next on their list.

Trish had been playing mind games with Buh-Buh Ray Dudley and gained his "infatuation," preventing him from putting her through tables on several occasions leading up to Backlash. T&A defended Trish's honor in a well contested match that gave us all plenty of worthwhile memories.

Part One: (backstage promo, event build up)

Part Two: (match part one)

Part Three: (match part two/ aftermath)


Test and Booker T vs. The Rock and Chris Jericho; WWE Tag Team Title Match (WWE "Smackdown" November 1, 2001):

Test teamed up with fellow Alliance member Booker T to take on the Tag Team Champions in the midst of the Invasion storyline arch. 

Newly crowned Tag champs, WCW Championship Chris Jericho and The Rock defended against the Alliance, in a match where the Alliance was dead set on winning back some gold in order to further their motives.

After an impressive match, Test took control after a miscalculated dropkick by Jericho and pinned The Rock, winning his first Tag Team Title alongside Booker T.


Test vs. Edge; WWE Intercontinental Title Match (WWE "Raw" November 5, 2001):

Following his Tag Title win, Test continued the gravy train with a IC title shot against Edge the following Monday on Raw. In a very physical match, Test was fighting hard to keep up with his faster foe.

In the end, Test took advantage of an open opportunity using the referee to knock Edge off of the top turnbuckle and cover Edge for his only WWE Intercontinental Championship, and making him a double champ.


Test vs. The Undertaker (WWE "Summerslam 2002" August 25, 2002):

Test was involved in a storyline which had him in charge of an Anti-American stable—The Un-Americans (along with Lance Storm, Christian and William Regal).

The Un-Americans gained the ire of many fans, but more importantly, they gained the attention of The Undertaker (assuming his "American Badass" persona) who decided to decisively shut up their biggest loudmouth at Summerslam. Test and 'Taker had a hell of a match but this is one that Test did not win.


Test vs. Kevin Nash (WWE "Raw" July 7, 2003):

Test was in a "woman-hater" storyline which saw him man-handle his on screen (and one time off screen) girlfriend Stacy Keibler. He was having an altercation backstage with Trish Stratus, when she was rescued when "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash interrupted and defended Trish.

A match took place, Test cleverly used his surroundings to take advantage and win the match, when Trish came to aide Nash and inadvertently cost him the match.


Test vs. Al Snow (WWE "ECW" July 4, 2006):

Test made his long awaited in-ring return to the WWE on ECW, after an almost two year absence. Test made quick work of WWE veteran Al Snow, dominating him in an aggressive manner, showing off a new finisher. He then proceeded to punt Snow's beloved "Head" into the audience.


Test vs. Bobby Lashley; ECW Heavyweight Title Match (WWE "Royal Rumble 2007" January 28, 2007):

Following a strong push after his return to the WWE, Test battled ECW Champion Bobby Lashley at the 2007 Royal Rumble.

This was one of a series of matches between Test and Lashley and one of Test's final matches, before leaving the WWE due to violating it's WWE Wellness Policy.


These are my personal Test favorites, please respond with your comments and your own list if you have one.