WWE: Why the Miz Is Turning Face Soon and Better Late Than Never

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It seems The Miz is finally turning face and it's much needed.

This weeks episode of Raw began with The Miz quitting CM Punk's Survivor Series team. His reasoning was CM Punk chickened out of the brawl the week before. CM Punk pulled a typical heel move as he ran from the fight.

The Miz using this as his explanation of leaving, has eventual face turn written all over it.

A spot is now vacant on Mick Foley's team as Ryback has been moved into the triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

The Miz is the highest profile and most logical choice to fill that spot.

I had talked about it on past forums that I heard through grapevine that The Miz was in line for a push back up the card. Not being inserted into the WWE Championship picture, but higher profile, higher up on the card feuds after spending months in the Intercontinental title angles.

The Miz is on the cover of the Survivor Series poster. He's done a lot as a heel in the last three years. WWE is in need of established face talents over heels.

Alex Riley, Brodus Clay, Christian, Curt Hawkins, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Ezekial Jackson, Khali, The Uso's, John Cena, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ryback, Santino, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder.

When you take away the guys who already are in matches/storylines and the guys who are on the boarder of being relevant―you realize there isn't really anyone left to fill the void on Team Foley.

When you look at that list, you also realize how in need WWE is of a fresh face. The Miz has never been a face in his WWE career. This would open up a lot of doors for feuds and has a lot of potential.

It will also prove he is indeed one of the “the guys” for the long term if he can get over as a desired, admired and sympathetic face.

Outside of the ring, The Miz has a very cocky but charming personality. I got to experience this when he and I did an interview together backstage at the Consol Energy Center arena prior to Monday Night Raw earlier this year.

If that charm and cocky mixture can be presented in the right way―The Miz has potential to tap into a connection with the audience similar to what guys like Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels had with the audience when faces.

All of them were guys fans enjoyed a certain degree of hazing or would roll their eyes at. At the end of the day, they were still cheered and admired. They could get the fans to laugh after a joke, cheer after a comeback and worry after the heel got his heat with a cheating advantage.

WWE is in a transition phase right now. John Cena hasn't held a title in over a year. Many stars from the past ten years liked Edge, The Undertaker, HBK, Triple H, Batista and Chris Jericho are either done wrestling or appearing on a very limited basis. New stars are being given a chance to build quickly like Ryback.

A new chapter in the career of The Miz which could put his career on a rocket seems highly appropriate.....and AWESOME!