A.J. Turman: Names Top 3 SEC Schools Needing to out-Recruit Florida State

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 6, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star running back A.J. Turman out of Orlando, Fla., has named his top three, and it consists of two big-time SEC programs and an ACC powerhouse.

Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel reports on Turman's focus on three schools "that are recruiting him quite heavily"—Florida State, Georgia and Tennessee:

All three of them are coming hard, so I'm not sure who I'd say is recruiting me the hardest.

According to Hays, Turman unofficially visited the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend and was in attendance for their 37-10 win over the Ole Miss Rebels. He also reports that the 4-star back will visit all three of his top schools officially as well, though.

It would seem as if Florida State will have a slight advantage in the recruiting process with Turman, if only because of its proximity to him.

It is the in-state school on his list, and there is no denying that the Seminoles are indeed the class of the ACC. Turman could go to FSU and have a legitimate shot of winning the ACC year-in and year-out, and it's hard to deny the fact that Jimbo Fisher is building a program that will be able to compete nationally.

Turman also did say via Hays' report that he knows a lot of people that go to school at Florida State, so there's obviously a level of comfort with the school.

That said, Turman did have some very high praise for Georgia, according to his quotes via Hays' report:

Georgia probably has the best program going on right now. They're winning a lot of games and I like all their coaches. They have a real solid offensive line and a good team and assistant coaches.

The Bulldogs have had a tremendous season and much of it has to do with their running game. Freshman Todd Gurley has been one of the best backs in the country with 857 yards and ten touchdowns so far. His counterpart—Freshman Keith Marshall—has been just as impressive with 520 yards and five scores on the season.

The issue with the Bulldogs is their two freshman running backs' stellar production. It's going to be hard for Turman to come in and have a chance to get on the field early in his college career and that will be a detriment for Georgia in regards to Turman's commitment.

Finally, there's Tennessee, but they don't appear to be a viable option when compared to FSU and Georgia.

The Volunteers are suffering through a 4-5 season (0-5 SEC) and head coach Derek Dooley is firmly on the hot seat. Turman admitted to being "concerned" a bit about the situation even though running backs coach Jay Graham would apparently be staying, according to Hays' report, so all-in-all, it's tough to consider Tennessee a major factor in his decision.

That means that in all likelihood, the recruiting battle for Turman will come down to Florida State and Georgia.

It is worth noting that Georgia doesn't have a running back committed to their 2013 class and according to Rivals.com, the Seminoles 2013 class has 4-star running back Ryan Green on board.

Due to its proximity, chances of success, and Turman's apparent comfort with the program, I'll give FSU the early edge.

But if Georgia can convince the 4-star back that it can utilize him along with the rest of the talent on its depth chart, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bulldogs jump up to the top of Turman's list.


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