Mexico: Projecting El Tri's World Cup Roster in 2014

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2012

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 12:  Andres Guadardo #18 of Mexico celebrates his goal with Javier Hernandez #14 and Javier Rodrigues #2 against Guyana at BBVA Compass Stadium on October 12, 2012 in Houston, Texas. Mexico defeated Guyana 5-0. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Bob Levey/Getty Images

The new generation of Mexican footballers is ready to take El Tri to the first spot of next year's Hexagonal as well as to the fifth match of the World Cup, something the squad has never achieved while playing outside the country.

Although we are almost two years away from Brazil 2014, José Manuel de la Torre has already given us a clear idea of what his team will look like.

He may try out some different footballers along the way, but the list should be close to this:



Starter: José de Jesús Corona

Subs: Guillermo Ochoa and Alfredo Talavera

Jesús Corona showed what he is capable of at the Summer Olympics and he should be José Manuel de la Torre's first choice.

"Chuy" needs to work in his aerial game, but other than that he is a fantastic goalkeeper. Guillermo Ochoa will be fighting for the spot, but he needs to prove why he deserves it.



Starters: Jorge Torres Nilo (LB), Héctor Moreno (CB), Javier Rodríguez (CB) and Severo Meza (RB)

Subs: Adrián Aldrete (LB), Diego Reyes (CB), Hirám Mier (CB) and Israel Jiménez (RB)


Héctor Moreno has been a cornerstone of Mexico's defense. With Rafael Márquez out of the picture he needs to be El Tri's leader.

Javier Rodríguez has been solid too, but he needs to stay focused. Hiram Mier or Diego Reyes can take his place in some matches. Both youngsters have played fantastic this year,

Jorge Torres Nilo has been compared with Carlos Salcido over and over, he can fill those shoes in some years, and so far he has been doing very well.

Severo Meza is a strong player that knows how to defend but also how to help the offense thanks to his fine ball touch.



Starters: Andrés Guardado (LM), Jorge Enríquez (CM), Javier Aquino (RM) and Giovani dos Santos (CAM)

Subs: Héctor Herrera (LM) Carlos Salcido (CM) and Ángel Reyna/Elías Hernández (RM)

Andrés Guardado has been at his best lately and even though he is not as fast as he used to be, he still has what it takes to keep the opponent off balance.

Jorge Henríquez is very strong and has played at his best every time he is in the pitch. He needs to play great during the Hexagonal to reinforce his technique, but he will continue to have the coach's trust.

Javier Aquino would be a fantastic addition to the right sideline. His performance in London was superb. Some of his most valuable skills are speed and ball control.

Giovani dos Santos will be a key player when it comes to attacking from the center of the pitch. He is a very intelligent footballer and has the ability to change the game with one play.

Héctor Herrera had a couple of good opportunities in the latest match, while Ángel Reyna and Elías Hernández gave the squad variety.

Carlos Salcido may not be a kid, but he has leadership and great moves. He is a must in this team. His game has evolved a lot and gives the midfield security.



Starters: Javier Hernández, Oribe Peralta

Subs: Aldo de Nigris, Carlos Vela


Javier Hernández and Oribe Peralta have been together in the attack for several months now and seem to have adjusted perfectly.

Oribe creates plays and take risks, while "Chicharito" tries to score at all costs.

Aldo de Nigris will substitute Peralta if the team needs more power. Carlos Vela will make it to the team because, regardless of his decision of not playing the Summer Olympics, he has had a great couple of seasons in Spain.