3 Observations from Andy Reid's Press Conference After Week 9 Loss

Jeremy SickelContributor IIINovember 6, 2012

3 Observations from Andy Reid's Press Conference After Week 9 Loss

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    Following the Philadelphia Eagles 28-13 road loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, head coach Andy Reid addressed the media.

    As all head coaches are peppered with uncomfortable postgame questions after a loss, Reid was certainly no exception as the Eagles—now losers of four straight—fell to 3-5 and seemingly out of the playoff picture in the NFC.

    During the press conference, Reid was very matter-of-fact about what went wrong for Philly on Monday night.

    Here are three observations to think about after the loss.

Michael Vick Will Be the Quarterback Next Week

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    When asked who would be the starting quarterback next week, without a second thought Andy Reid said, "Michael Vick will be the quarterback." This puts to rest the notion of rookie Nick Foles taking over prior to the Week 10 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

    While no one expected Reid to inform the media of a potential change under center right after the loss, the head coach had to have known the question was coming.

    His pointed answer indicates that he could be aware that his future with the organization is directly tied to Vick's future in Philly.

    Making a change at quarterback would signal a colossal shift in Philadelphia. Reid isn't ready to commit to that quite yet.

Team Made Correctable Mistakes

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    Head coach Andy Reid said all the right things in the press conference following Monday night's loss to the New Orleans Saints. He accepted the part of the blame that falls directly on him and the rest of the coaching staff, while indicating that the team must do a better job of executing as well.

    Postgame interviews are as close to scripted as you can get.

    What is interesting, however, was Reid's insistence that the mistakes the Philadelphia Eagles continue to make are correctable. When asked why the same errors are made on a weekly basis, Reid was only able to reiterate that things can be fixed.

    Reid is correct: Mental lapses, overthrown or underthrown passes, costly penalties and being more mindful of taking care of the football can be all be corrected. But when the same things preventing this team from consistently winning continue to happen, something has to give.

Giving Up on 2012 Season?

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    While Andy Reid isn't quite ready to hand over the reins to rookie quarterback Nick Foles, the lack of emotion during his postgame press conference could be an indication that the head coach realizes the 2012 season has reached its low point.

    Reporters asked a variety of questions, yet it seemed Reid knew what was coming, and he had his responses already predetermined prior to the game itself.

    Though Reid indicated that his team's mistakes are correctable, there has to be a part of him that realizes that maybe they just aren't, and this season can't end soon enough.

    While that mindset is uncommon among head coaches, this particular situation in Philly is atypical in itself.


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