WWE Survivor Series 2012: 6 Potential Replacements for Ryback on Team Foley

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WWE Survivor Series 2012: 6 Potential Replacements for Ryback on Team Foley

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    Last night on Raw, we were subjected to confusion, disappointment and curiosity. The Survivor Series card as we knew it was changed.

    CM Punk will now face John Cena and Ryback in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship.

    This clearly affects the previously announced main event, which was a traditional Survivor Series five on five elimination match. It was supposed to be Team Punk vs. Team Foley.

    Although Dolph Ziggler replaced Punk and the team became Team Ziggler, Team Foley was left without a replacement for Ryback.

    With that said, many fans are left questioning who will replace Ryback as the final member of Team Foley at Survivor Series.

    Let’s take a look at six potential replacements for Ryback on Team Foley…


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    We haven’t seen Christian perform since four days after Raw 1000 and we haven’t seen him on WWE TV since the Sept. 14 episode of Smackdown in a video segment.

    Nonetheless, Christian is a popular upper mid-card superstar who could co-captain Team Foley alongside Randy Orton.

    Christian has had his battles with many members of Team Ziggler including Dolph, Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes.

    Whether it has to do with an injury or relating to the TNA lawsuit, Christian has been sorely missed by WWE fans. His leadership and experience have been noticeable.

    Don’t be surprised if you hear the WWE Universe chanting one more match for Christian at Survivor Series as the replacement for Ryback on Team Foley.

Jack Swagger

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    Another superstar who we haven’t seen on WWE TV in quite some time is the All-American American, Jack Swagger.

    There are rumors suggesting that Jack Swagger may want to be released or given some time off.

    Then again, these are rumors, which opens the possibility that they were keeping Swagger off for a reason.

    Back when Swagger was written off WWE TV, many fans debated whether he would return as a face.

    Swagger has never been a face before, making this the perfect opportunity for him to make a splash. Swagger went from World Champion to jobber quicker than Speedy Gonzalez could run a mile.

    Also, it would be very interesting to see Swagger on the opposite team of his former ally Dolph Ziggler. Remember, Swagger was at one time teaming with Ziggler since they shared Vickie Guerrero’s managerial services.

    Swagger could use this opportunity to seek revenge for Vickie siding with Ziggler.

Mark Henry

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    This may or may not be the last returning superstar suggested.

    It remains to be seen if Mark Henry makes a return to WWE TV at all, since many consider him to be at the end of his career.

    With injuries and health a concern, Henry may elect to stay away.

    However, if he and WWE choose to have the World’s Strongest Man return, Survivor Series would make his return quite significant.

    Mark Henry has spent time as both a face and a heel during his career in WWE, but his most success came as a monster heel as he became World Heavyweight Champion.

    Team Foley would certainly benefit from the strength and size of a member in Henry, but his health and lack of success as a face make this choice less likely.

The Miz

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    Why do you think the Miz quit Team Punk?

    There were reports of the Miz possibly getting a main-event push in the future. Perhaps this is how they will do it.

    Maybe WWE is finally going to turn Miz face.

    Maybe the Miz quit Team Punk in order to become the captain and face (pun intended) of Team Foley.

    With the Miz’s movies and books set to be released soon, WWE may want Miz to turn face sooner rather than later.

    This Mizfit has said it before and this Mizfit will say it again. The WWE would benefit from having someone such as the Miz, who participates in so many outside the ring activities, to be a face.

    This would be a great opportunity for the switch and perhaps it was WWE’s plan all along to pick Miz as Ryback’s replacement for Team Foley at Survivor Series.


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    Little Jimmy says Team Ziggler is gonna get got!

    After breaking up on good terms with Kofi Kingston, R-Truth is still trying to find his new feud.

    We have seen some teases that he may begin a story with Antonio Cesaro, but neither one has been booked for Survivor Series yet.

    If the United States title match does not get signed for the November pay-per-view, don’t be surprised to see R-Truth as Ryback’s replacement.

    His buddy Kofi Kingston would be on his team, making Little Jimmy a happy camper.

    The only issue with R-Truth being the replacement member for Team Foley, is the lack of star power and excitement it would bring.

    The final member of Team Foley should be a top draw or the turning of a heel superstar over to the good side.

    R-Truth doesn’t really fit that bill.

The Undertaker

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    Speaking of top draws and star power, the final suggestion for a potential replacement for Ryback on Team Foley is none other than the dead man himself, the Undertaker.

    Many fans are questioning if Undertaker will return at WrestleMania to defend his streak, or perhaps show up earlier. It has already been discussed to possibly have the Undertaker return at Survivor Series.

    After a successful buyrate at last year’s event with the Rock teaming with John Cena, WWE may be wise to go with another top draw.

    Don’t forget that it was Survivor Series in 1990 when the phenom of the WWE make his illustrious debut.

    How fitting would it be to have the Undertaker make his return at the same pay-per-view event? No one should be too disappointed if the Undertaker gets the nod for replacing Ryback on Team Foley at Survivor Series.


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    After a strange and confusing change in the Survivor Series card, Team Foley needs to find one more superstar to help them battle the newly named Team Ziggler.

    One might think there are plenty of choices for Foley and WWE to use in this situation.

    However, WWE is sorely lacking in top babyfaces, which may cause the return of a former superstar or a turn from a heel to a fan favorite.

    Whomever is chosen to replace Ryback on Team Foley, we can only hope it isn’t a random midcarder or jobber like Santino Marella.

    That would make this week’s Raw even more disappointing then it already was.

    Who would you like to see as the final member of Team Foley? Would you like to see the return of a former superstar? The turn of a heel to a face?

    Leave your suggestions and comments below.

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