Brock Lesnar: 7 Reasons Why He Should Have Been on Raw

Robert AitkenAnalyst INovember 11, 2012

Brock Lesnar: 7 Reasons Why He Should Have Been on Raw

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    On Monday night, as WWE built toward Survivor Series, Raw visited England for a lot of changes to their Survivor Series schedule. Among them was taking Ryback off of Team Foley, seeing The Miz quit Team Punk and having CM Punk abandon his team entirely when he was thrown into a WWE Championship defense.

    Now, Dolph Ziggler captains the team Punk used to manage and Team Ziggler has Wade Barrett, along with Team Rhodes Scholars and Alberto Del Rio. Team Foley has an empty spot at the moment, but has Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No and Randy Orton. Foley is not wrestling in the match, at least not yet.

    With all of the chaos going on overseas on Raw, what would another shocking segment do to put this episode into utter chaos? Brock Lesnar has not been seen since shortly after winning at SummerSlam over Triple H, claiming that he had nothing left to prove in the WWE. Lesnar is, however, listed as someone who will appear at WrestleMania 29 and his way back onto television is yet to be announced. On the eve of Survivor Series, Lesnar was missing for yet another week.

    While it may seem like any week that he returns will simply be a good week for it to happen and that no specific week seems to stick out, here are seven reasons that Lesnar's return should have happened this past Monday on Raw.

The Tape Delay Gives You Hype

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    Fans may not be fond of tape-delayed shows, but outside of most Raws and all pay-per-views, nothing is really live anymore in WWE and most of pro wrestling. Let's not pretend that most of the weekly programming is taped in advance and has spoilers on the Internet for the world to see instead of simply watching the show. Just because Raw was taped a few hours ahead of time doesn't make what happens on the show any more shocking. Some fantastic matches over the years have taken place in Europe and all of them were on tape delay.

    Who knows if a repeat of SummerSlam 1992 will be coming anytime soon with a major event being housed overseas, but even that had some memorable moments despite being taped two days in advance. Taping something and airing it later doesn't ruin things quite as much as some wrestling fans may lead on. Championships have changed hands on SmackDown over the years and have been revealed, only to have fans tune in to see the historical moment play out.

Last Raw Before WrestleMania Tickets Go on Sale

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    WrestleMania tickets went on sale this weekend and this past week was the last time that WWE could inject something into the product before tickets were sold to the masses.

    WrestleMania hardly needs any help in selling out. In fact, it may be sold out by the time this article makes it onto your laptop. It doesn't take away from the fact that a big event gets hype prior to tickets being released, even if it is WrestleMania.

    Unlike the other large events in sports such as the Super Bowl, WrestleMania sells tickets well in advance of the event while also giving a peek into what is expected by fans. Lesnar has been advertised as appearing at the event in local ads for WrestleMania in preparation of tickets going on sale. Lesnar's face is also shown on the poster for the event.

    A card is always subject to change, but featuring a guy that quit the company in storyline a few months ago requires explaining by WWE. Bringing him back before WWE needs to make reference to that would make their lives a lot easier.

Replacing Punk in Survivor Series Match

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    Team Punk sure looked a lot different just one week later. Not only was it no longer Team Punk when Punk was pulled from the match to defend the WWE Championship, but The Miz also left the team. Now, the existing pieces of Team Rhodes Scholars and Alberto Del Rio are joined by Wade Barrett and new team captain Dolph Ziggler.

    Head scratching has existed all week as it becomes puzzling why Ziggler wasn't given a team to captain in the first place, as well as figuring out what the point is for Mick Foley even being involved anymore.

    Lesnar isn't a significantly better choice in trying to explain the change, but it would be easy having the legendary superstar captain a team against the guy who signed a hefty contract, dominated physically in his time back and left because he felt like it. Now, Lesnar will seemingly come back when he feels like it as they prepare him for a WrestleMania feud.

    Lesnar does what he wants and does not respect those who came before him. Lesnar could show his dominance, win the match at Survivor Series and be unstoppable until that opponent for him in April comes along.

Addition to November Being Eventful for Lesnar

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    The month of November seems to be when things happen for Brock Lesnar.

    It was at Survivor Series in 2002 that Brock Lesnar was riding high as WWE Champion, only to lose the title in Madison Square Garden to Big Show following manager Paul Heyman turning his back on Lesnar. The following year, Big Show was a part of Team Lesnar, perhaps the most physically dominant team on paper in the last decade, although they lost to Team Angle. That would be the last Survivor Series for Lesnar until this year's potentially.

    The month continues to have a significant meaning to Lesnar after WWE. It was November 2008 when Lesnar became UFC Heavyweight Champion, defeating Randy Couture at UFC 91. A year later, Lesnar was the champion, but had a medical condition that nearly ended his fighting career and even his life. Lesnar was suffering from mononucleosis as a result of a serious case of diverticulitis. Lesnar would remain the champion as he recovered, eventually returning to the Octagon in 2010 to unify his title with the interim heavyweight championship belt.

    There haven't been too many positives in November for Lesnar, but all of the hardships have led to important aspects of Brock Lesnar's career. Perhaps the final chapter for Lesnar in sports entertainment can be written with a new chapter including this November.

Finally Begin Hype for Lesnar DVD Re-Release

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    Brock Lesnar's DVD from his original stint in WWE has been re-released to bring in Blu-Ray technology and include his recent return to the ring from this past year. It won't have whatever happens with Lesnar from now until WrestleMania, but it did get released two weeks ago to unknown sales. It is basically the same collection that was released back in 2003, but it includes his return and his match at Extreme Rules against John Cena, which is exclusive to the Blu-Ray edition.

    WWE may be selling these DVDs, but without the proper ability to promote it, it hardly does them any good. Have Lesnar return so that WWE can promote this DVD and make its re-release worth it.

Put Best Foot Forward Internationally

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    Unless you are in the United States or Canada, it is hard to get a televised event of WWE in your country. Every so often, they come to England and record an episode a few hours in advance. They also broke new ground by giving Mexico similar treatment last year. Other countries have had rare shows as well. Foreign countries get live tours every so often, so it's hard for them to complain when it's such a rare occasion.

    Murmurs of bringing a pay-per-view back across the pond to England will pop up every time they go to England, much like how talk of an NFL franchise in London sparks every year when the NFL plays a game there. Giving London a great show means something more because it will be a while before WWE returns there. Who knows how fond Brock Lesnar is of England, but giving them such a surprise like Brock Lesnar would have been incredible and made the fans there realize that WWE really does group them with their regular audience, not seeing the trip as a pit stop.

Lesnar Could Have Helped Hype Live SmackDown Show

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    Nothing against Randy Orton fighting Alberto Del Rio through the crowd, but enough is enough with some of this stuff seen on SmackDown on a weekly basis. It just gets to be dragging oftentimes and Lesnar could have helped in promoting a special Tuesday edition of SmackDown.

    Lesnar could have returned on Raw, brought a shock to the WWE Universe and used the platform of SmackDown to explain his actions. Lesnar isn't the strongest speaker and fans who have to know would find out from spoilers, but the rest of the fans would have tuned in to see the reason for Lesnar coming back to WWE when he seemed to be gone for good.

    Randy Orton can only do so much to make SmackDown interesting, especially now that he is so far removed from the world title picture and Big Show is carrying around the belt on the blue brand.

    Without a draft or a real reason for having someone on one brand or another, there doesn't seem to be a set amount of rules for who can appear on SmackDown. If CM Punk or John Cena can randomly appear on the show, what stops Lesnar from doing the same?

    It may seem like a waste of a few of his appearances, but those who took this week and decided to pass on it would have been shocked to find out what happened and really bring hype to this upcoming week.