Samantha Steele Once Thought ESPN Zone Was Place to Start Frutiful ESPN Career

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Samantha Steele Twitter
Photo Credit: Samantha Steele Twitter

This story makes little sense but proves some people are destined to become ESPN personalities, no matter how skewed their career decisions may be. 

The Sun-Sentinel (h/t Big Lead Sports) reports rising ESPN star Samantha Steele took a very bizarre route to the spot she now holds with the Worldwide Leader. 

The woman from Phoenix decided that she wanted to be on ESPN one day and decided to make a move on her destiny by moving to New York City. 

Despite barely knowing what the network was all about, she entered the city with wide eyes and thought she knew the perfect path to success. 

At 18, she got the itch and moved cross country to New York City. No job. No connections.

"So I went to the ESPN Zone in Times Square and applied to be a hostess," she said. "This was my thought process, this is how naïve I was. I thought there would be ESPN people coming in there because it's the ESPN Zone."

That's right, one of the most successful sports personalities thought a career in broadcast began with delivering hot wings to sports fans at an ESPN Zone. 

Not that the 26-year old didn't pay her dues. The report makes careful to state she basically lived off Wendy's coupons Steele's mom would send from home. 

As if by osmosis, her dreams brought some fortuitous clientele to a table she was serving. 

But Steele soon found out. Just two months into seating customers in midtown Manhattan, she met someone with ABC Sports Radio. Her admittedly half-baked idea actually worked and soon Steele was an intern at the network. That led to a researcher-assistant job with ABC-TV on the college football studio show.

"It's so crazy because people thought I was an idiot, which I was," she said. "But apparently some part of that plan made sense."

This is nuts. 

Nobody would think to start a career with ESPN this way. It would be like hoping to be a major lead voice in the next Pixar movie by working at a Disney store in a local mall. 

Still, things worked out and a funny and vibrant personality who is gladly a major part of ESPN had her first steps toward her dream job. 

It's a good thing nobody told her working at ESPN Zone would never work out. 

While she may be one of my favorite people at the network, I don't know that I would ever take career advice from her. Then again, whatever she would offer may be just crazy enough to work. 

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