WWE: 8 Better Options for Raw Managing Supervisor

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WWE: 8 Better Options for Raw Managing Supervisor

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    Excuse me!

    I said, "Excuse me!"

    In front of her hometown crowd, New Jersey native AJ Lee was forced to resign as Raw general manager. Vickie Guerrero was then assigned to be the managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw.

    We have seen Vickie as an authority figure in WWE for the last number of years as general manager of Raw and Smackdown, respectively.

    WWE is going backwards with Vickie in charge.

    WWE needs a new face as authority figure. Someone who is believable as an authority figure and at any point could be the most intimidating person on WWE television.

    Let’s take a look at some potentially better options for the managing supervisor of Raw.

Paul Heyman

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    Heyman has made it clear on WWE TV that he would have preferred to have himself as either general manager or managing supervisor of Raw.

    Heyman would spark the interest of many wrestling fans from the 1990s and 2000s when Heyman did have authority behind ECW and WWE. It would be interesting to see if Heyman and Punk were kept together if Heyman were to be Managing Supervisor of Raw.

    Heyman has been an authority figure on WWE TV as well as backstage when he was the Smackdown General Manager.

    Wrestling tends to always become a bit controversial with Heyman on TV and don’t expect that to be any different if he were to be the next managing supervisor of Raw.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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    Like Heyman, Stone Cold Steve Austin would increase viewership and interest among older members of the WWE Universe who were old enough to enjoy the Attitude Era.

    This would be a most intriguing scenario with the recent interview with Austin, Jim Ross and CM Punk. Punk and Austin have been teasing a match while the Internet Wrestling Community waits in anticipation for the match to be announced.

    While Austin is recovering from recent surgery, he could become an authority figure who feuds with WWE Champion CM Punk. He may even want to insert himself as the special guest referee of the CM Punk versus The Rock match that may occur at Royal Rumble.

    In order for this to become a reality though, former co-general manager of Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin has to find a way to become the new managing supervisor.

Mick Foley

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    The current captain of the Survivor Series team that will face CM Punk’s team later this month would make an excellent authority figure once again on WWE television. Foley was commissioner of the WWF in 2000 as well as sporadic instances of being general manager for the night.

    If Foley were to become the new managing supervisor of Raw, expect him to put over a great deal of young, up and coming superstars. He is already helping Punk look even more like a heel. Foley would also be able to speak from his experience like when he berated Punk prior to Hell in a Cell.

    WWE has finally decided to use Foley more on television, making the possibility of becoming its’ next managing supervisor of Raw that much more plausible.

The Undertaker (With or Without Paul Bearer)

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    The  Phenomenal managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw?

    That’s right.

    The Undertaker should be considered for the next managing supervisor of Raw.

    Taker clearly doesn’t—and shouldn’t—handle a full schedule of wrestling anymore in his career. However, having him on television more often would gain the interest of fans of all ages.

    Paul Bearer would make for a great assistant to the authority figure and a member of the Undertaker’s cabin.

    Or maybe he would call it his coffin.

    In either case, the Undertaker could play a heel or face authority figure, depending on who his top feud would be with.

    If WWE continues to worry about its ratings, assigning the Undertaker, with or without Paul Bearer, as the authority figure on Raw, would force all other shows to rest…in…peace.

Jerry "The King" Lawler

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    Like the Undertaker, Jerry Lawler should not be working a full schedule after suffering a heart attack a number of weeks ago.

    However, having Jerry Lawler as an authority figure on WWE TV may benefit both parties.  

    Lawler would not be in as many scenes and sketches of Raw. In addition, he could benefit from appearing in a lot of pre-taped segments giving him less pressure.

    We saw Lawler perform in a feud against Punk so the King can certainly deliver. Although it seems as though Lawler will return to being the color commentator on Monday night now, while JBL will work exclusively on Smackdown.

    In the end, Lawler will most likely not become an authority figure on WWE TV, but the fans would certainly support the idea.


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    When Jerry Lawler does return, will JBL work exclusively for Smackdown?

    Although stated in a previous slide, we can’t say for sure what will happen. Which is why JBL should be considered for the next authority figure on Raw.

    JBL has shown us recently as a color commentator that he still has what it takes to be a great character in WWE.

    His insults with Michael Cole are some of the best we have heard from the announcer's table in many years.

    Put JBL on the mic more and see what kinds of feuds will develop.

    JBL as the new managing supervisor of Raw could even lead to Christian’s famous words.

    One more match.

Mr. McMahon

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    The most believable, intriguing and all around effective managing supervisor of Raw would be the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon.

    Starting in 1997 with the Montreal Screwjob, McMahon has brought his real life job in front of WWE TV.

    Although he would not be the same Mr. McMahon he was when he was feuding with Steve Austin in the Attitude Era, McMahon reminds us every time he is on TV that he still has it.

    He will always be the most believable authority figure because that is exactly what he is in real life.

    He can continue this feud with CM Punk, which should culminate in a match between the two. Mr. McMahon used to get in the ring with the top of WWE: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels.

    It is time to see McMahon vs. Punk. Or…John Cena.

Another McMahon

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    We haven’t seen Stephanie McMahon on WWE TV since Raw 1000, and it’s been almost three years since Shane was part of WWE.

    Nonetheless, Shane and Stephanie played great characters in authority figures for Raw and Smackdown.

    It seems less likely that we will see Shane, but Stephanie is still a big part of WWE backstage.

    Again, this would help the believability factor in the authority figure of Raw. Stephanie and Triple H could easily take over Raw and the entire WWE. It would be a modern day McMahon-Helmsley Era.

    This would be the sequel.

    Whether Shane buys the WWE from his dad without knowing or Stephanie takes over with her new family, one thing is for certain. Any McMahon would make for great WWE television as the managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw.


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    In conclusion, you have to consider who would do the best job in the role of managing supervisor of Raw. Should the authority figure of Raw be a face or a heel?

    Generally, a heel character is more interesting. The only issue with having a heel as the authority figure is then he would be feuding with John Cena.

    Notice how Cena is always feuding with the authority figure if he is not feuding for the WWE Championship. That way he is still a big part of a main storyline in WWE. Then again, many of these options would make for an attention-grabbing feud with John Cena.

    Are there better options for managing supervisor of Raw? Who do you think would best fit in that role? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

    It’s been me. It’s been me. It’s been the G-U-DOUBLE T!


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