If The Denver Broncos Lose Jay Cutler, They Have Only Themselves to Blame

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 15, 2009

It will be a sad day in Denver if they lose their franchise quarterback, Jay Cutler.

We know about the trade rumors that began during the start of free agency, but what we don't know is where Cutler's status with Denver now stands.

New head coach Josh McDaniels and the team entertained the possibility of trading Cutler weeks ago and despite the fact that failed to happen, Cutler was understandably upset.

Rumor had it that Josh McDaniels wanted to work out a deal that would rid the Broncos of Cutler and land them former New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel who has since been dealt to the Kansas City Chiefs.

I understand that McDaniels might want to work with a quarterback who he is familiar with, but I was shocked that he would even contemplate dealing the team's best player in the hopes of landing a player who is, in my opinion, an inferior quarterback.

That is not meant as a knock against Cassel, I just feel Cutler to be the better player. Matt Cassel is better than some people give him credit for, but there is a difference between being a bit underrated and being on Cutler's level.

Jay Cutler's 4,526 yards last season was the 17th highest total in NFL history. It also obliterated John Elway's franchise mark of 4,030 passing yards in a single season.

The only knock against Cutler were his 18 interceptions in 2008, but at least his touchdown passes bettered his interceptions with 25 total thrown. Peyton Manning played three seasons that were high in interceptions, but he managed to cut his interception total down to become one of the league's most protective quarterbacks.

If given time, Jay Cutler could do the same thing (albeit not likely to the same extent).

However, he may never get that opportunity.

NFL.com is reporting that there is a chance Cutler might be dealt from Denver if these issues persist. Possible landing locations might be Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, or the Jets

Although Broncos fans might view such an event to be something of a betrayal on Cutler's part, I would feel much differently.

Prior to McDaniels' arrival in Denver, there was never an issue concerning where Cutler wanted to play. I can't blame him for being upset about the trade rumors. Although some might say that football is a business and Jay Cutler should get over it, you have to understand what Denver's actions may have done to him.

If playing a Pro Bowl season is not enough to secure your starting position, than Cutler may be led to believe that nothing would ever become satisfactory. It's a slap in the face after how hard he's played for them to date. You can't blame a man for wanting to be secure with his job.

The Broncos may have robbed him of that security and if he does manage to leave Denver because of it, they will have nobody but themselves to blame.