Debate: Who Is Having a Better Rookie Season, T-Rich or Doug Martin?

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Debate: Who Is Having a Better Rookie Season, T-Rich or Doug Martin?
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With Doug Martin having a career day against the Raiders and Trent Richardson continuing his stellar rookie season, who is having the better start to their first season, T-Rich or Martin?


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With TRich lack of support and very weak and preditable play calling by Shurmur he still continues to be successful. I select TRich for that reason. H...
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After looking at there stats it looks to be Doug. Both seem to be strong runners and good pass catchers. I know Doug is good at pass blocking to. I ha...
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Schedules make a difference and who u play it would be diff if they was playin the same teams when Doug playin against team that rank 2o to 32 in run...
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Check your facts. Oakland was MUCH improved on the run D this year coming into this game. I believe they were around 11. We also are without our 2 bes...
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u cant say that Doug is better yea he's getting more yards but look at who the bucks play raiders,Vikings,chargers come on when Trent is in harder div...
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