Jerry Jones: Irate Cowboys Owner Reportedly Locked out of Locker Room After Loss

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistNovember 5, 2012

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 21:  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys during their game at Bank of America Stadium on October 21, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are 3-5, just lost another close game they had within their grasp and Jerry Jones was locked out of the team's locker room after the game? 

All is not well for the self-appointed "America's Team."

Reportedly, after the game a rather miffed Jones couldn't get into the visiting team locker room, where he was all set to conduct his unusual tradition of answering questions after the game. Matt Barrie of NBC tweeted the following:

Jerry Jones just pounded locker room door because no one would let him in. It's the angriest I've seen him all year. #Cowboys @bluestarblog

— Matt Barrie (@Matt_Barrie) November 5, 2012

Now, the obvious conclusion to draw from this is that Jason Garrett and the team locked him out to have a meeting amongst those who either play or, you know, actually coach. That would be a pretty bold move by Garrett, and would certainly make for an incendiary story in Dallas over the next week.

Of course, it's also possible the locked door blocking Jones was done less nefariously than that.

Marc Sessler of noted "It wasn't intentional," while Chris Strauss of USA Today wonders whether it was simply "a matter of security in a visiting stadium just not opening the doors quickly enough."

And as Tim MacMahon of ESPN noted, the entire "ordeal" is being blown out of proportion

Jerry Jones was locked out of locker room for maybe 10 seconds. Gave door one good pound and got in.

— Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) November 5, 2012

One way or another, the idea of a fuming Jones pounding on a locked door after a loss—for whatever duration he banged on the door—seems as fitting a metaphor for the Dallas season as there is.

There stands the owner who loves to steal the spotlight, just one closed door away from what he wants, and the team he put together simply can't unlock the door for him.

I'm not sure what the metaphorical door this Cowboys team can't walk through is, but there is certainly enough talent in Dallas to unlock a few more wins. For some reason, Dallas can't seem to ever live up to expectations.

Is it the inconsistent play of Tony Romo late in games? The often poor game management from Garrett? The bevy of egos from the owner on down? Players that seem incapable of fulfilling their potential like Dez Bryant? Or simply a collection of players that don't possess a winning attitude and mentality?

Whatever the case may be, the Cowboys aren't getting it done and the buck (quite literally) stops with Jones. After all, he already admitted he would have fired himself as a general manager

Then again, maybe it's time Jones admits he doesn't have every key and perhaps should simply step back into the shadows, letting the football folks handle their business. Perhaps that locker room door should stay closed to Jones.

At 3-5, everyone is frustrated in Dallas. Jones doesn't need to do any postgame interviews to make that much clear.


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