New York Marathon 2012: Runners' Support Shows Promise for Next Year's Event

Steven CookFeatured Columnist IVNovember 5, 2012

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine (Craig Ruttle, AP)
Photo courtesy of Time Magazine (Craig Ruttle, AP)

Despite the 2012 New York Marathon being canceled, tons of supporters still showed up to run in the wake of the catastrophic events brought on by Hurricane Sandy. That level of commitment bodes well for next year's event and will make it one of the best NYC marathons in recent memory.

Controversy was evident heading into the event, which was initially being planned to go on despite the natural disaster. Many analysts around the sports world disagreed with the decision.

But in a late reversal, it was canceled, which was the right call for a city that had faced unprecedented disaster after a storm that left thousands without power and caused millions of dollars in damage.

While canceling the event allowed the city to focus on the more pressing matters at hand, many marathoners who made the expensive trip to the Big Apple still came out and ran in support of the historic event, which is one of the most well-known races in sports.

There's no doubt that Sandy left its mark on NYC, but the marathoners who came out and showed their unheralded support will be remembered next year when the race returns to the Big Apple.

When the race returns, expect NYC to be rocking as it welcomes back one of the city's most important events of the year. 

While so many citizens of New York City had their lives ruined by the awful storm, the persistence shown by these supporters can teach us all lessons in positivity and perseverance.

It's fitting that these characteristics are the same ones that are must-haves for any true marathoner to succeed in the rigorous sport.

NYC may be down at the moment, and the yellow tape at the finish line is far from being reached, but the persistent nature of these diehard marathoners is indicative of how the inhabitants of New York City will rebound from this disaster.