College Football Rankings 2012: Best BCS Bowl Matchups If Season Ended Today

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIINovember 5, 2012

No. 1 Alabama proved their supremacy by pulling out a close win over No. 7 LSU on Saturday night.

After watching that game, I'm convinced these two teams are still the best in the country, but with the Tigers picking up their second loss, their BCS title chances are dead.

Who does that leave?

Kansas State is currently in the No. 2 spot and they would play the Crimson Tide. However, No. 3 Oregon looks to be a better team. If the top three win out, it's easy to see the Ducks going to their second BCS Bowl in three years. 

Bama would crush the Wildcats in the national championship game.

Even with a healthy Collin Klein, the Wildcats haven't faced a defense anywhere near what they would see from Bama. I'd expect a 20-point blowout in a game that causes fans to lose interest by halftime.


Here's how the BCS bowl games should look if the season ended today:


Rose Bowl Presented By Vizio - No. 16 Nebraska vs. No. 11 Oregon St.

This game may not have the most marquee teams from each conference, but they've both been consistent. Things could change as the Beavers still have to face Oregon on November 24, but as of now, they should represent the Pac-12.

Nebraska's 7-2 record is impressive considering they have been without Rex Burkhead. Still, they would represent the Big 10 by default as Ohio State and Penn State are ineligible for postseason play.


Discover Orange Bowl - No. 9 Louisville vs. No. 10 Florida St.

This is the matchup right now, but Clemson could be a possibility down the line. The Noles have the talent to play with any team in the nation, but they have proven they are inconsistent.

Because of their major slip-up against North Carolina State and their weak schedule, they probably don't have a shot at playing for the national championship.

Playing only two ranked teams left them no room to make up for their upset defeat.


Nokia Sugar Bowl - No. 13 Clemson vs. No. 5 Georgia

Right now you would have to put Georgia ahead of Florida and LSU. Either way the Tigers would get smoked in this game. It would be interesting to watch Tahj Boyd and Aaron Murray duel, but this matchup would be terribly one-sided.

If Clemson is hoping for bowl success, they probably need a berth outside of a BCS game or swap spots with the Noles.

The Tigers would have much better luck against Louisville than any of the SEC contenders.


Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - No. 3 Oregon vs. No. 4 Notre Dame

It's not fair, but this game may bring as many fans as the national championship. If the Ducks switch places with Kansas State, it would definitely rival the BCS title game in attention and hoopla.

To see the Heisman front-runner (Klein) take on the Irish would be compelling. Love or hate the Irish, they put butts in seats.

I'd love to see that matchup.

Irish fans probably don't have much of a prayer against either team, though. Their performance against Pittsburgh was horrible, and it really showed they aren't on the same level as the Ducks or Kansas State.

Here are the complete BCS Standings for Week 11


Week 11 BCS Rankings (ESPN)

1. Alabama

2. Kansas State

3. Oregon

4. Notre Dame

5. Georgia

6. Florida

7. LSU

8. South Carolina

9. Louisville

10. Florida State

11. Oregon State

12. Oklahoma

13. Clemson

14. Stanford

15. Texas A&M

16. Nebraska

17. Texas

18. UCLA

19. USC

20. Louisiana Tech

21. Mississippi State

22. Texas Tech

23. Rutgers

24. Northwestern

25. Toledo


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