BCS Standings: Most Overrated and Underrated Player on Every Top 25 Team

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 5, 2012

BCS Standings: Most Overrated and Underrated Player on Every Top 25 Team

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    Every team has players that receive far more attention than they should and players that don't receive enough credit. It is frustrating hearing about players that really aren't that good, and painful to see spectacular players go by the wayside when it comes to media attention.

    The latest BCS rankings were recently released and of course, every one of those Top 25 teams has terrific players that have contributed to each team’s success. But many of those players aren't really as good as they are made out to be, and then there are the guys that should receive a little more shine than they actually do.

    Let's take a look at some of the most underrated and overrated players of each Top 25 team in college football.

25. Toledo

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    Overrated - Nobody


    You simply have to have some type of buzz to be considered overrated and there aren't any players on this Toledo roster that gain any media attention. If you can name three players on this Rockets team, I will send you a goodie basket and label you the biggest college football nerd in the country.



    Underrated - Dan Molls, LB


    Molls currently leads the country with 116 tackles through the first nine games. He is averaging nearly 13 a contest and that is also more than any other defensive player. His senior leadership and playmaking ability on the defensive side of the ball is a big reason why the Rockets are where they are in the MAC at the moment.

24. Northwestern

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    Overrated - Quentin Williams, DE


    Northwestern could use a more consistent pass-rush up front and Williams is the senior that could make that happen. The problem is that he has only produced 2.5 sacks, four quarterback hurries and 3.5 tackles for loss. He has the quickness and size to be a much more productive player than what he has shown this season.



    Underrated - Venric Mark, RB


    Now that Northwestern has reached the Top 25, you can finally get to know the Wildcats starting running back. The junior has really broken out of his shell, as he is averaging over six yards a carry, has 12 total touchdowns and has topped 1,000 yards on the season. He is second in the Big Ten, averaging 119 yards on the ground a game and is a real treat to watch with his elite speed.

23. Rutgers

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    Overrated - Gary Nova, QB


    Rutgers was one of the programs that were trying to decide on a quarterback during the offseason. It became a big deal once Nova was named the starter, but he hasn't shown much during his sophomore season. Completing 60 percent of his passes, Nova threw six interceptions against Kent State, possibly costing the team a chance at a BCS bowl. Sorry, but six completions to the other team in one game is uncivilized.



    Underrated - Jawan Jamison, RB


    Without Jamison, this Rutgers offense would struggle to score points even more than it already does. He leads the team with 863 rushing yards and is third on the squad with 299 receiving yards. He is a power runner that sees the field well and has produced 12 plays that have gone for over 20 yards.

22. Texas Tech

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    Overrated - Kenny Williams, RB


    Williams was a top recruit back in the 2011 class, but hasn't given the Red Raiders a dominant running game to balance out this offense. He has been productive in a limited role, but hasn't played well enough for coaches to take away carries from Eric Stephens Jr. and SaDale Foster. Williams was a 4-star recruit and was considered a Top 10 back by many recruiting websites.



    Underrated - Eric Ward, WR


    Ward is somebody who could make an NFL roster with his athleticism, route running and sure hands. He leads this Texas Tech team with 643 receiving yards and has stretched out six of his 49 receptions for over 25 yards. He is a big play receiver that could quickly develop into a solid slot guy for a team at the next level.

21. Mississippi State

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    Overrated - Cameron Lawrence, LB


    Lawrence has become a tackling machine since he became a full-time starter last season, but the senior is still raw in pass-coverage and bites on the play-action pass way too often. He also missed a few tackles in the blowout loss to Texas A&M last weekend. It would be interesting to see how well he does without having a great secondary backing him up.



    Underrated - Chad Bumphis, WR


    Bumphis isn't the biggest wide receiver in the world at 5'11', 200 pounds, but he simply makes plays with the football in his hands. He currently has 34 receptions for over 500 yards and has taken seven of those for a touchdown. The speedy wide receiver should receive a late look from NFL scouts, as the senior has playmaking ability to help an offense.

20. Louisiana Tech

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    Overrated - The entire defense


    Louisiana Tech doesn't have anybody that was even mentioned on the national radar, so picking one player to be overrated would be ridiculous. But the defense that is allowing 34 points per contest has to be considered a disappointment even by their standards. The team is allowing nearly 500 yards of total offense and has given up 15 plays that have gone for over 40 yards.



    Underrated - Colby Cameron, QB


    Be honest, this is the first time you have seen this name anywhere. Well, Cameron has thrown 24 touchdown passes for Louisiana Tech, is completing 71 percent of his passes and still has not thrown an interception in nine games. If there was ever a reason to wonder why the Bulldogs have been so good this year, it is in large part because of the quarterback position.

19. USC

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    Overrated - Matt Barkley, QB


    Barkley has thrown for 30 touchdown passes and will likely hit the 3,000 yards passing mark as early as next week. But with all of the attention he received during the offseason, you would have thought the Heisman Trophy was given to him and the Trojans already won the national championship. The senior quarterback still forces passes and hasn't lived up to expectations like the rest of this USC team. Barkley has thrown two interceptions in each of the three losses this year for USC.



    Underrated - Dion Bailey, LB


    Once Jarvis Jones and Manti Te'o leave for the NFL, Bailey will become that next superstar linebacker. In his sophomore season, he already has racked up 62 tackles, has forced a fumble and leads this USC team with four interceptions. With his speed and instincts on the football field, Bailey has the whole package to become the next big thing.

18. UCLA

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    Overrated - Datone Jones, DE


    Jones has the combination of size and athleticism to become a solid player at the next level. However, he hasn't quite used it to become the monster he is capable of becoming at UCLA. His numbers really aren't where they should be, as the senior defensive end is capable of producing so much more.



    Underrated - Brett Hundley, QB


    Hundley is only a freshman quarterback, but is currently third in the Pac-12 with 2,478 passing yards and 21 touchdowns. He is completing 68 percent of his passes and has topped 250 passing yards in seven games this year. In a conference that is known for offensive production, the freshman dual-threat quarterback should have a bigger name than he does at the moment.

17. Texas

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    Overrated - David Ash, QB


    I know Texas is in love with Ash at the moment, as he is completing 67 percent of his passes and has shown positive signs of becoming a possible real quarterback. But he is as inconsistent as they come and couldn't get anything going against a solid defense in Oklahoma. He even struggled against Kansas, as the sophomore threw two interceptions and zero touchdowns in a close contest against the Jayhawks.



    Underrated - Johnathan Gray, RB


    Gray was considered one of the top running back prospects in the 2012 recruiting class and has quickly shown why in the last couple of games. In limited playing time, the freshman is averaging over five yards a carry and has topped 100 yards on the ground the last two games. I have to consider Gray underrated while I still can, because this kid is going to become a star as early as next year.

16. Nebraska

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    Overrated - Rex Burkhead, RB


    Burkhead hasn't played much this season due to injuries, but Nebraska still has the sixth best rushing attack in the country. The running back became a fan favorite last season, as he rushed for over 1,300 yards and scored 17 total touchdowns, but this season has shown that he can be replaced quite easily.



    Underrated - Brett Maher, P/K


    Any kicker or punter is underrated, especially when that special team’s player is doing a fabulous job. Maher is the kickoff guy, kicker and punter for this Nebraska team, and he does his job well. He is currently averaging 41 yards a punt, has made 12 of 18 field goals and over 52 percent of his kickoffs have resulted in touchbacks. The Cornhuskers have a valuable weapon in the senior kicker.

15. Texas A&M

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    Overrated - Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR


    Freshman wide receiver Mike Evans has made a name for himself early on, Ryan Swope has been decent this year, but Nwachukwu really hasn't had much of an encore his senior year. After hauling in 50 passes last season, he has just 17 receptions and has even been outshined by another freshman in Thomas Johnson. He has had a solid career, but the former 4-star recruit has taken a backseat in this high-powered offense.



    Underrated - Sean Porter, LB


    Porter has established himself as a true pass-rusher, but not many people know about him outside of Texas A&M. He is solid in coverage, is fast enough to chase down the speedy running backs and has picked up a combined 12 sacks in the last two years. Porter should be taken within the first couple of rounds in next year’s NFL draft and could have a Von Miller type impact. 

14. Stanford

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    Overrated - Henry Anderson, DE


    Anderson has been on a tear as of late, racking up a combined five tackles for loss in the last three games. However, due to his smaller frame, he isn't quite able to be as productive as he should be with his amount of athleticism.



    Underrated - Stepfan Taylor, RB


    If you haven't learned how to spell Stepfan correctly, he is an underrated running back. While guys like Marcus Lattimore and De'Anthony Thomas receive all of the attention, Taylor has quietly been one of the more productive players the last three seasons. He is quickly approaching his third straight season of over 1,000 rushing yards and has caught over 20 passes in each year since 2010. There is really not much more he can do to receive credit as one of the best backs in the country.

13. Clemson

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    Overrated - Malliciah Goodman, DE


    Goodman holds the Clemson record for most plays in a season by a defensive lineman. The problem is, that is about the only record the former 4-star recruit has earned on the football field. He is an athletic defensive end, but has yet to really make that splash many Tiger fans were hoping for when he committed back in 2009. He will still be picked up in the NFL draft, but Goodman was a disappointment.



    Underrated - DeAndre Hopkins, WR


    Remember how everyone fell in love with Sammy Watkins last season? Hopkins finished that year with 72 receptions for 978 yards. You see how Watkins has had a disappointing sophomore season? Hopkins has hauled in 62 passes for over 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. The junior has been consistent since he stepped on the field his freshman year, but doesn't receive the attention a No. 1 receiver usually would.

12. Oklahoma

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    Overrated - Landry Jones, QB


    Jones owns nearly every Oklahoma quarterback record there is, as he is quickly approaching 15,000 passing yards and has already topped 100 touchdowns for his career. But he still makes costly mistakes in games, terrible decisions with the football and his demeanor is not the one I would like to see from a senior quarterback. Jones is certainly capable of lighting up any defense in the country, but I'm not sure I would consider him an elite college quarterback.



    Underrated - Blake Bell, QB


    I'm still not sure if Bell is the true backup quarterback or if he is a running back, but his 6'6", 254-pound frame makes him look a lot like a Tim Tebow type player. He may not see the field as often as he would like, but he does force teams to game plan for him once the Sooners get in the red zone. Bell has received 23 red zone carries and has scored nine touchdowns on those touches. It doesn't get much better than that.

11. Oregon State

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    Overrated - Sean Mannion, QB


    I think backup Cody Vaz proved this the last couple of weeks. The sophomore quarterback has thrown eight touchdowns along with eight interceptions, and his four interceptions in the game against Washington played a huge part in the Beavers only loss this year. Vaz may actually be the better quarterback out of the two, and will give the team a shot to reach the Pac-12 Championship Game.



    Underrated - Storm Woods, RB


    Woods was only a 3-star recruit coming out of high school and didn't receive many offers from top notch programs. As a freshman, he leads the team with 540 rushing yards, has caught 23 passes and has become one of the go-to guys within this offense. He is a downhill running back that is a load to bring down once he gets going. It will be fun to keep an eye on this young player over the years.

10. Florida State

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    Overrated - E.J. Manuel, QB


    I remember when Manuel was in the conversation for the Heisman Trophy before the season started. I don't see what they saw, but people were talking about the possibility. The senior quarterback has a lot of upside that would gain attention from NFL scouts, but he hasn't seemed to hit his full potential with Florida State. Something seems to be missing when it comes to Manuel and he rarely has shown the ability to takeover football games.



    Underrated - Cameron Erving, OT


    Florida State allowed 40 sacks last season, but has trimmed that number down to 13 this year. A lot of that improvement has to do with Erving, who was a defensive player a year ago. He has improved tremendously over the season at his new position and has really helped form one of the better offensive tackle duos in the country, along with Menelik Watson.

9. Louisville

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    Overrated - Bryant Dubose, DE


    Dubose was supposed to have a breakthrough season this year, but has had a hard time staying healthy and productive. He has missed two games with injury, but even when he is on the field, he has only produced 14 tackles and 0.5 tackles for loss. Debose has a great combination of size and speed, but it would be nice to see him put it together for an entire season.



    Underrated - Teddy Bridgewater, QB


    I know you have probably heard of the sophomore quarterback, but he will remain underrated until he receives attention among the top signal-callers in college football. This isn't a guy that is good because he plays in the Big East; he is extremely accurate with the football and almost rarely overthrows receivers. Don't be surprised if this Cardinal is competing for a Heisman Trophy next season.

8. South Carolina

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    Overrated - Devin Taylor, DE


    With Jadeveon Clowney on the other side, Taylor was supposed to have a breakout season his senior year. We haven't seen many game-changing plays, as he has only six tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks. Due to Taylor's tall frame at 6'7", he often lacks the flexibility to come off the edge and blow by an offensive lineman. We saw two great years from Taylor, but this season seems to be a disappointment, especially when it was supposed to be such a big year for the senior.



    Underrated - Bruce Ellington, WR


    Call him the starting point guard for the basketball team, or call him just an ordinary receiver, Ellington is a playmaker on this South Carolina offense. The sophomore has set a career high with 23 receptions and 14 of them have gone for 15 yards or more. With his speed, he is also a factor on kick return as well. The Gamecocks don't prefer to throw the ball much, but with players like Ellington, they need to find ways to get him the ball more.

7. LSU

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    Overrated - Zach Mettenberger, QB


    We all heard nothing but great things about Mettenberger coming out of camp. He was supposed to provide this LSU squad with a terrific passing game, things were going to open up and LSU was going to be an even better team than it was a year ago. The first-year starter is completing only 58 percent of his passes and has only three games where he has topped 200 passing yards.



    Underrated - Bennie Logan, DT


    It is hard to get the credit you deserve when you have two defensive ends on the side of you that are likely going to go in the first round of next year’s NFL draft. But a big reason LSU has such a talented run-defense is because of Logan in the middle. The big guy gets off the snap quickly and usually demands double-teams, making the job easier for everybody else. He has also picked up five sacks in the last two seasons.

6. Florida

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    Overrated - Andre Debose, WR


    Debose was a 5-star recruit that had offers on the table from every school in the country back in 2009. After almost three complete seasons with Florida, the wide receiver only has a combined 28 receptions and four touchdowns in his career. He also isn't that special on the special team’s side of things either, making him one of the bigger busts this program has seen in a while.



    Underrated - Matt Elam, S


    If you have seen any Florida Gator game this season, there is a great chance you have heard of Matt Elam. The junior safety flies to the football and seems to always be either making the tackle or helping his teammates wrap the opponent up. He also has three interceptions and has forced a fumble, making him one of the elite playmakers on this solid Florida defense.

5. Georgia

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    Overrated - Aaron Murray, QB


    Murray is a great quarterback when you are trying to knock off lower tier teams, but he usually fails in the bigger contests. Georgia is only 3-9 against ranked opponents since 2010 and Murray was the quarterback in all of those games. We saw him choke in the game against South Carolina and he wasn't the most accurate against Florida, despite the Bulldogs finding a way to win.



    Underrated - Bacarri Rambo, S


    Due to the emergence of Jarvis Jones and recent off the field issues, Rambo isn't talked about as much as he should be. He is still one of the tougher run defenders in college football and he flies around the field making plays for this defense. He can lineup anywhere in the defensive backfield and he really has the skill set to become a first round pick in the NFL.

4. Notre Dame

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    Overrated - Tommy Rees, QB


    Yes, Rees has been a huge contribution to this Notre Dame offense, as he has bailed quarterback Everett Golson out many times this season. However, his decision making can still be questioned at times and Irish fans remain on the edge of their seat when he steps on the field. He may be a solid backup, as he brings much needed experience, but his reputation with turning the ball over scares those in South Bend.



    Underrated - Stephon Tuitt, DE


    Tuitt leads this Irish team with 10 sacks, while no other player on the team has at least five. His speed and athleticism is simply off the charts, and he seems to always come up with at least one big play in every game this year. Once Manti Te'o moves on to the NFL, it will be Tuitt that receives majority of the shine on this Notre Dame defense.

3. Oregon

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    Overrated - Colt Lyerla, TE


    Sure, Lyerla has scored nine touchdowns on 20 career receptions, but he simply isn't involved enough in this offense to be considered a top tight end in the country. Everybody thought we were going to see monster numbers after a productive freshman season, but the sophomore has had trouble staying healthy. With his abilities, the tight end should be used more in the passing game than he is.



    Underrated - Marcus Mariota, QB


    Usually quarterbacks are the first to receive the love on an offensive powerhouse, but not at Oregon. Mariota has done a terrific job of leading this offense in his first year, and is completing an amazing 70 percent of his passes. He makes terrific decisions with the football, is averaging over six yards on the ground and he has produced 26 total touchdowns. He is easily the best quarterback Chip Kelly has had since he arrived on campus.

2. Kansas State

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    Overrated - Nobody


    Let's be honest, you likely haven't heard much about anybody on this team other than quarterback Collin Klein. The truth is that nobody on this roster receives enough hype to be labeled overrated. Everybody on this team does their job without receiving all of the bright lights and media attention, and that is why Kansas State is currently the No. 2 team in the country.



    Underrated - Arthur Brown, LB


    You hear about guys such as Jarvis Jones and Manti Te'o all the time, but rarely does the name Arthur Brown come up as a top notch linebacker. He currently leads Kansas State with 67 tackles, has broken up three passes and has two interceptions. Without his senior leadership on the defensive side of the ball, the Wildcats probably aren't in the position they are currently in.

1. Alabama

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    Overrated - Eddie Lacy, RB


    Wasn't Lacy supposed to be the guy that stepped up and replaced Trent Richardson in a big way? The guy who was a solid backup the last couple of seasons has really been inconsistent as a starter. True-freshman T.J. Yeldon is Alabama's leading rusher instead, and he has 16 fewer carries than the junior. It seems like Lacy is either always banged up or can never quite get going when his team needs him most.



    Underrated - Vinnie Sunseri, S


    Sunseri is a tackling machine that is currently fourth on the team with 40. But it is his big play ability that makes him so valuable to this team, as he has intercepted two passes, has a fumble recovery and three tackles for loss. He may not receive a ton of credit, as he had the huge task of replacing Mark Barron, but he is a sure tackler that has fit in nicely at the safety position.