Video of Terry Bradshaw Making Jarring Remark about Reggie Bush

Jesse ReedCorrespondent INovember 4, 2012

Terry Bradshaw put his foot in his mouth on Sunday on Fox when he said this about Reggie Bush's incredible 18-yard touchdown run: "Look at this, Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other night."

You can hear Michael Strahan in the background letting out an incredulous, "Oh, boy!" as soon as the words left Bradshaw's mouth, and who can blame him?

Bradshaw's comment likely wasn't a purposeful dig, but it was undoubtedly an incredibly insensitive remark that he probably wishes he could take back. 

Stereotypes don't do anyone any good, and Bradshaw's comment couldn't have been more ridiculous.

For my part, what I saw was a man who made a phenomenal play. Bush's vision, agility, quickness and speed were on full display, and it's unfortunate that Bradshaw sullied such a masterful run with a racially charged remark. 


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