7 Things Georgia Does Better Than Alabama

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent INovember 5, 2012

7 Things Georgia Does Better Than Alabama

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    With Alabama's close Week 10 victory over LSU, the Crimson Tide and Georgia are sure to meet in the SEC Championship game.

    Both teams are on a roll and have successfully completed the roughest part of their schedules, so SEC fans are already breaking down the UGA vs. Bama matchup and all the aspects of it.

    In most cases, the Crimson Tide hold the edge over Mark Richt's squad, but there are a few areas in which the Bulldogs can best Bama.

    Alabama is a dominant force, but if the Bulldogs can take advantage of their few advantages over the Tide, they could very easily win their conference championship.

Better Rushing Attack

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    Not too many teams in the nation have two more talented running backs than UGA—even if they're just a couple of freshmen.

    Todd Gurley is an every-down back that can rack up yards at a steady pace. He has excellent vision for his age and seems to always find a bit of wiggle room through the front line.

    Keith Marshall is a burner with world class speed that can break for a big run at any moment. He can be an effective option in the passing game as well and is a great change of pace from Gurley's running style.

    These two backs have the ability to dominate any game, and if the Bulldogs were to defeat Alabama, Marshall and Gurley would both need to have a big game.

Better Pass Rush

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    Against Florida, the Bulldogs pass rush was ridiculously relentless, and Jeff Driskel was harassed all day. Guys like Jarvis Jones were flying though the Gators offensive line and wreaking havoc on the passing game.

    Earlier in the season, UGA's defense was not as dominant as many expected them to be, but it seemed like they finally got clicking against Flordia. This defense is extremely talented and packed with talented defensive linemen and rush linebackers that have the ability to be a nightmare for any QB in the nation.

    Serious pressure on McCarron could take Bama's field general out of his comfort zone and allow the Bulldogs to tame the Crimson Tide's offense.

Better Pass Offense

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    When asked to choose between A.J. McCarron or Aaron Murray, I would certainly take McCarron. However, when asked to choose between McCarron or Murray and their respected receiving corps, I would take Murray and his pass catchers without a doubt.

    UGA just has more explosive options at receiver with guys like Tavarres King and Marlon Brown hauling in almost 20 yards a catch.

    Alabama has looked solid on offense all year, but I think it's obvious the Bulldogs are a bit deeper at the wide receiver position. If they're to beat the Crimson Tide, they'll need some serious production from their pass catchers.

More Playmakers on Offense

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    When you compare both these offenses straight up and down, there's no getting around it. UGA just has more playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. From their two phenomenal freshman RBs to their deep receiving corps and everywhere in between, there are plenty of game changers all over this offense.

    This is no disrespect to Bama's offense—who has a world of talent—but UGA's is just so deep with guys who can make big plays on offense. A couple momentum-shifting plays on offense could go a long way in their effort to take out Alabama.

Force Turnovers

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    Georgia's disruptive and dominant defensive showing against Florida two weeks ago was exactly what I expected from the Bulldogs in 2012. At first, they were quite the disappointment, but I believe this unit is turning the corner and ready to dominate.

    I understand that Alabama has forced more turnovers this season, but I think there's a big difference between Georgia's defense now and their defense from earlier in the year.

    This defense is reckless and can take the ball away from you in multiple ways. Guys like Jarvis Jones and Ogletree have noses for the ball and would need to scrap out a few turnovers against Bama in order to come out on top.

UGA Has Jarvis Jones

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    Jarvis Jones is one of the best defensive playmakers in all of college football. The guy has a nose for the ball and is always making big plays for his team. He's an excellent pass rusher who can lay the wood on a hit and stuff the run when asked. He can single handedly change the course of the game with a big play on third down or an unexpected turnover.

    The extremely versatile athlete is the best player on UGA's defense and without his playmaking ability, the Bulldogs would have no shot against Alabama.

More Reliable Offense

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    If either of these offenses are going to lay an egg in the SEC championship, I would think it would most likely be Alabama. Their offense has been solid thus far, but UGA's is just more talented player for player. The Bulldogs have more options and can move the ball in a variety of ways, whereas Alabama's is a bit more simple and stoppable.

    Alabama would be glad to be stuck in a defensive war with UGA considering how talented their D is, but are more likely as an offense to drop a dud of a game.