Dolph Ziggler: Why He Must Feud with and Defeat John Cena

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistNovember 5, 2012

photo on Flickr from Snerkie
photo on Flickr from Snerkie

Dolph Ziggler must feud with and defeat John Cena.

The self-proclaimed showoff is on the cusp of superstardom. He’s a multi-time Intercontinental and U.S. champion and is your current Money in the Bank winner for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler is also a former World Champion.

Yet for some reason, Ziggler needs something more. He needs an established feud with a main-event player.

He’s gone on to face CM Punk, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho before. He won against them, but not on pay-per-view. The showoff has also fought Edge but did not defeat the Rated-R superstar.

Ziggler needs that victory on a grand stage against a main-event caliber player and not on regular television.

Enter John Cena, the WWE’s poster boy and the ultimate face.

Cena has been embroiled in a storyline involving himself, A.J. Lee and Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guerrero. He’s been accused of having an affair with the former Raw general manager.

When there’s Guerrero, there’s Ziggler.

Ziggler inserted himself siding with Guerrero as usual. He fought Cena during the preshow in a brawl, but Cena prevailed. In fact, Ziggler poked more fun at Cena during his YouTube show “WWE Download.” It seems inevitable the two will battle on Survivor Series.

A feud and potential victory over Cena would be historic for Ziggler.

It would give Ziggler exactly what he needs in the eyes of the WWE Universe. It would make Ziggler a made man. Even though some already see Ziggler in the main event, not everyone believes he could be that next guy.

The WWE needs to make more stars, and frankly, Ziggler’s time is past due. With all of his accomplishments, it’s a shame that he needs more accomplishments to become a main-event player.

The quality of Ziggler’s matches is paced well and steals the show. His matches with Punk, Orton and Jericho this year are sensational. His recent match against Daniel Bryan from two weeks ago was the best match on Raw that night.

Ziggler’s in-ring work is exceptional. Every match he has is a thrill to watch. Now, Ziggler needs to be propelled into the main-event picture.

We’ve seen Cena elevate his game in the main event before. His experience in that spotlight would benefit Ziggler. Add Ziggler’s ability to make others better, and you could have a real classic.

If this match happens at Survivor Series, it could truly steal the show. It might be impossible, given the Survivor Series main event and the rematch of Big Show/Sheamus. If anyone can do it, it’s Ziggler.

Now, another scenario to factor in is Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Say the match is made and Ziggler beats Cena. Later that night, he could cash in on the winner of Sheamus/Big Show and take the world title. It would give Ziggler more feuds, especially continuing the feud with Cena.

It’s only speculation, but it must start with John Cena. A feud and victory over John Cena would finally make Dolph Ziggler a main eventer in the eyes of the WWE Universe.