4 Early-Season Injuries Already Killing NBA Teams

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IINovember 6, 2012

4 Early-Season Injuries Already Killing NBA Teams

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    The 2012-13 season isn't even a month underway, and yet there are players suffering with injuries that are having significant impacts on their respective teams.

    Fighting through injuries is part of the game, but the injuries on this list are ones that are increasingly difficult to deal with. 

    From Steve Nash's fractured leg to Brandon Rush's torn ACL, these injuries are already killing the teams that these players are on.

Steve Nash

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    Even with Steve Nash, the Lakers have been struggling.

    Now that they are without their veteran point guard for at least a week (Nash has a fracture in his left leg, as reported by ESPN.com), the Lakers' 2012-13 season has taken another significant hit.

    There are two major issues with Nash's injury. First, it's concerning when an aging player goes down without making contact with another player. Nash isn't getting any younger, and suffering an injury so early on in the season could have a significant impact on how productive he is over the next few months.

    What's more concerning is that even if he is out for just one week, the Lakers will lose that time in regards to building chemistry among their star players. 

    That's something the Lakers don't want or need right now. 

Brandon Rush

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    Brandon Rush is out for the season with a torn ACL—as reported by ESPN.com.

    Losing Rush seriously hurts the Warriors because it significantly impacts their depth. With Klay Thompson solidifying himself as the starting shooting guard, the Warriors don't have a productive player behind him on the depth chart.

    Rush was a great first option off the bench, and Golden State is now holding onto hope that rookie Harrison Barnes or veteran Richard Jefferson can be their new sixth man.

    The Warriors are still a good team even without Rush, but competing in a Western Conference without his impact is going to be a very difficult thing to do. 

John Wall

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    When NBA.com reported that John Wall would be out eight weeks in late September, the excitement for the Washington Wizards 2012-13 campaign took a bit of a hit.

    Beal looks much more like an overwhelmed rookie than he does a quality lottery pick, and Wall's absence has a lot to do with that.

    Once their former No. 1 overall draft pick returns, the Wizards' season will move in a different direction, one with more excitement and more potential.

Eric Gordon

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    Eric Gordon told Yahoo! Sports that it will be four to six weeks until he's able to return to the court for the New Orleans Hornets. 

    A lack of depth in the backcourt is going to be hard for the Hornets to mask as the seasons marches on.

    It's a shame that Gordon has played just nine games so far this season, as the production he brings to the court could make them a deeper and much more dangerous team.

    The major challenge for the Hornets is finding a way to remain competitive until Gordon debuts this season.

    Having Gordon on the court is always a plus, but the chemistry created between the players without him will certainly take a hit once he comes back, and that has to be a bit concerning.