Final Thoughts On The Bracket: Did Anybody Really Get Screwed?

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

I compared the official bracket to my last bracket projection. 

I had only two different teams getting in that the NCAA didn't seem fit to invite—Creighton and San Diego State.  I wasn't surprised they didn't get invited since both were borderline candidates but I was surprised that Arizona was invited over candidates like Penn State and St. Mary's. 

The Wildcats went into a tailspin over their last six games by scoring only one victory and I wrote them out in pen following their loss to Arizona State in the Pac-10 tournament. But I guess playing in a major conference carries more weight than it should at times.

I was also surprised to see Boston College get a 7-seed.  They have an RPI in the low 60's and eleven losses, which would get you a seat in the NIT in the past.  I had them in because this season has featured more late-season losses than any other in recent memory but this is not a team with a 7-seed profile.

And finally, I am outraged, yes OUTRAGED, that my Kentucky Wildcats did not receive a bid to the Dance.  The rich tradition mandates they get an automatic bid every year regardless of record.  Mandates, I say! 

OK, that last part's a joke.  But instead of writing an article on who I think will win upcoming games in the tournament (mainly because several of my Bleacher Report colleagues will do a better job) I will be writing about teams who used to get in to the dance every year but have fallen off the wagon for most of this decade.

First up: St. John's.  Don't miss it!