NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat After Week 9

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterNovember 5, 2012

Every week there seems to be an NFL coach that gets a little more uncomfortable as the heat underneath his seat gets turned up another notch. 

Week 9 in the NFL saw the usual suspects live up—or I guess down—to their reputations as Romeo Crennel and Pat Shurmur came up with their regular bevy of head-scracthing calls and questionable decisions. 

To go along with those old standbys, a new surprise face joined the ranks of coaches who may want to ask around about a good moving company. 

In the video above, I look at a few of the NFL coaches who are on the hot seat coming off their Week 9 performances. Let us know in the comments below where you agree, where you disagree and who you think should be added to the list.