The 4 Most Beautiful Stadiums in Major League Baseball

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The 4 Most Beautiful Stadiums in Major League Baseball

Each and every team, and the fans, should want to see their stadium on a list of the most beautiful in the league.

It may sound sound insignificant on the surface, but, deep down, it should mean a whole lot. The stadium is where your team plays and where fans go to watch the team play. In a way, it is a representation of you — it is your home.

Would you want people to say your home is the worst or that it's ugly?

I think that's an obvious "no". You should want to see it at the top of every most beautiful list.

Unfortunately, it won't be. The whole idea behind a "most"-anything list is that there are clear-cut winners and losers.

Sure, I could find something endearing about all 30 Major League stadiums, but where's the interest in that? There's no discussion because most of it will be true and, thus, not up for debate.

There are certainly stadiums that may not be the best looking, but there is such an aura and history that it would put them ahead of some of the stadiums I'll list.

I'm all for great atmosphere, but if it's not pretty, it doesn't belong. I'm looking at you, Fenway.

So, with that in mind, these are five favorite stadiums in terms of beauty which, as always, is in the eye of the beholder.

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