Syracuse Mens Basketball a 3 Seed: Pros and Cons

Giants27Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

Okay, so as you all know, the Syracuse Orange got the three seed and will open up against the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks in Miami on Friday.

Now that all sounds positive but, it has its pros and cons, as well.


  1. It's against Stephen F. Austin - The Lumberjacks, who went 24-7 overall, only played against one tourney team, the North Dakota State Bison, who they beat 112-111. But seriously, can they really beat Syracuse, similar to how Vermont did in 2005?
  2. They play Friday/Sunday - The committee showed some sympathy for the Orange by giving them the six days off after playing seven overtimes in the Big East Tournament.
  3. It's in Miami - You have no idea how much I was shaking when they were announcing the four seed in the South bracket, who will play in Portland, Oregon. Imagine having to fly cross country after playing in all those overtimes. No thanks, I'll take the two hour flight to Miami any day.


  1. It's in Miami - Stop for a second and think about how many strip clubs there are in Miami. Okay, now think about Tim Riggans from Friday Night Lights. Yep, the teenager who goes to strip clubs and drinks beer like water. Now think of Eric Devendorf and picture him in Miami for a weekend; who do you see? Riggans, is the correct answer.
  2. Why does Villanova get UCLA/VCU and we get ASU/Temple? - Arizona State is an insanely talented team who could get to the Sweet Sixteen and maybe the Elite Eight. While Temple has Dionte Christmas, who single handily led the Owls to the A-10 Championship.
  3. Oklahoma/UNC - Okay, we get to the Sweet Sixteen, but have to play Oklahoma and Blake Griffin. Problem, Onuaku and Jackson combined equal 1/3 of Griffin—SU would need Flynn to score 50 to have a shot. While the Elite Eight, Onuaku and Jackson combined equal half a Hansbrough. In this case, Flynn would need to get 40.