4 Top 25 Teams We Are Rooting Against

Garrett BakerSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2012

4 Top 25 Teams We Are Rooting Against

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    After arguably the wildest week yet in college football, the BCS championship race has officially become a four-team race. A number of one-win teams look to put themselves in position in case those top four fall, which Saturday showed us is entirely possible. 

    But as the race for the BCS championship unfolds, there are a few teams that are, for one reason or another, fun to root against. 

    Here's a list of those ranked teams that we are rooting against. 


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    I know I'm not the only one who's sick of Alabama's dominance. While nobody can deny its  talent, I bet a lot of people would also like to see someone else take over that No. 1 spot.

    If they win out, the Crimson Tide will be in the national championship yet again. But there are a couple of teams behind them having breakout seasons and would be a lot more exciting to see in the championship.

    Some people have pointed out that Alabama hasn't played a tough schedule, but it proved its worth against LSU. Even still, you have to wonder if it'd be the unanimous No. 1 team if it  hadn't started there at the beginning of the season.  


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    Raise your hand if you think Louisville is one of the 10, 12 or 15 best teams in the country. If your hand is raised right now, then you're wrong. 

    Its schedule is dismal, and although I think it's commendable that it's stayed undefeated, it is just too highly ranked.

    Based on its ranking, it's being put in company with LSU, Oklahoma, Florida State, Florida and Clemson. That's just not right and not fair to some of the teams behind them who have a couple losses but play a much tougher schedule and are clearly better than Louisville. 


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    We're rooting against Oregon mostly because of the teams they're competing with, Kansas State and Notre Dame.

    Kansas State is the complete opposite of Oregon. It doesn't have any of the flashy appeal that Oregon enjoys from its Nike connection. K-State doesn't have a million jersey combinations or a high-profile head coach, but it's worked hard and followed the lead of its  underappreciated head coach, Bill Snyder.

    Notre Dame hasn't been this good in a long, long time, and it's good for the sport when one of its most historic teams is good. Notre Dame have a history unlike any other program and have one of the best and most likable players in the country, Manti Te'o.

    Oregon and its shiny jerseys didn't have a big win until beating USC on Saturday. It has been at the top for the past few years, and just isn't as likable as Kansas State or Notre Dame this year.  

South Carolina

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    South Carolina is mostly unlikable mostly because of its head coach, Steve Spurrier. He is a great head coach, but seems to always make things about him. 

    Spurrier loves stirring things up with the media, which he did last week when he said that Alabama could beat NFL teams (which is ridiculously untrue). 

    Last week, Spurrier also had a ridiculous comeback to Dabo Swinney after the Clemson coach praised South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore.

    On the field, South Carolina has been a little disappointing as well. It's only played three good teams so far, and lost to two of them. Maybe Spurrier needs to take a little more time preparing and a little less time talking to the media.