Rumor Mill (March 15)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2009

Hi people, welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill.

Let's get started, shall we ?


Santino  Marella's celebrates his birthday today; the two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion turns 30.

Happy birthday Santino, now please go away.

Can someone please tell me what this fool's role is in the roster? Oh, wait I just answered my own question.


Former ECW champion Bobby Lashley

In an interview with sports website posted this morning, former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley says use of performance-enhancing drugs have been eliminated from World Wrestling Entertainment due to the company's drug testing policy.

When asked how prevalent performance-enhancing drugs are in the industry, the former ECW Champion said, "I don't think there's any now."

"They have a really, really, really strict testing policy in the WWE. I know that for a fact. So I know that there is no one who is really on anything now. I think in the past there were some."

Lashley believes some wrestlers used performance-enhancing drugs prior to the introduction of the company's drug testing policy, but not everyone.

"I think there used to be more wrestlers on something than there are now, but it's not like everyone was on something in professional wrestling," Lashley said. "Not at all."

Lashley also talks about his upcoming fight with Jason Guida, the cancellation of his previously scheduled fight with Ken Shamrock, his goals in MMA, and more.

Full article here:


Chris Jericho

Regarding plans for Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, Vince McMahon continues to keep them very close to his chest, so no one really knows at this point except perhaps his inner circle. They’ve thrown around various scenarios for what is planned for Jericho, but they are changed regularly.

One scenario discussed last week was for Jericho to face a series of legends at “The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania,” culminating with "The Wrestler" star Mickey Rourke coming out and delivering a knockout punch.

Another idea thrown out was for Jericho to wrestle someone, although that person has yet to be disclosed.

Additionally, the legends featured on television in recent weeks including Ric Flair, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and Ricky “The Dragon" Steamboat, as well as Mickey Rourke, would sit in the front row and get involved towards the end of the match.

While they haven’t been featured on television during the angle, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Honky Tonk Man will likely sit amongst the legends too.

Flair has talked about not wanting to be perceived as “just another legend” in the crowd, but he still plans on being involved with the storyline.

Personally I feel that Rourke has no business stepping up to the plate to face Jericho, starring in a movie does not qualify you to step in the ring and face off against a superstar of Jericho's quality. What is your opinion on this?


The Miz

Current WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz was seen hugging and whispering in the ear of Lauren Conrad of the MTV show "The Hills," at LA's Apple Lounge during a Star Magazine's party. The two were said to be "very close" and exchanged phone numbers.

For the record, "The Miz" is no stranger to reality programming on MTV, himself. He has appeared on numerous variations of The Real World and got his break with WWE when he entered the fourth season of Tough Enough.

In the past Miz has also been linked romantically to fellow MTV reality star and Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling contestant, Trishelle Cannatella (Really, The Miz? Brrrrr, shudder, I sure hope she can handle the WWE Storyline hype).


Dark Match

The local CW network in San Antonio, Texas is advertising DX when RAW comes to San Antonio (March 16). A side note being that right after DX, as a unit, is shown Legacy is also shown as a unit so possibly DX vs. Legacy on the live RAW or possibly a dark match.

Oh yeah, now that's what I am talking about, although I would have loved to have seen The new Hart foundation against Legacy



Rumor has it that at last night's WWE RAW and ECW live event in Lubbock, Texas,
Rey Mysterio slipped on the ropes going for the 619 and the match was rushed to a quick finish.

It's no secret that Mysterio has had troubles with his knees throughout his career and hopefully this injury won't cause him to miss WrestleMania this year. Rey missed WrestleMania last year due to a torn biceps.

Not another superstar out of WrestleMaina 25.

Get well soon, Rey, and hurry back.


Behind The Scenes:

WWE SmackDown writer Michael "P.S." Hayes is reportedly taking heat from Vince McMahon, as well as other WWE officials, for changes he made to creative plans at the Royal Rumble last January just days before the show was to take place. 

The belief is that those changes, though unidentified, were a short-term fix that left the product worse off in the long run.

The former member of The Fabulous Freebirds is also in the doghouse for not doing more to keep Freddie Prinze Jr. on the creative staff.  Prinze, who departed the company last month, was viewed as a key piece in WWE's puzzle to further the power of WWE Studios, its movie company. 

Vince McMahon felt that by having Prinze on staff it would bring legitimacy to company and help cast aside the negative stigma that pro wrestling carries around.

Hayes' job will not be getting easier anytime soon, however. The word from "on high" at WWE is that Vince wants to beef up RAW as the number one show following the draft on April 13. 

The concern for Hayes is that with such a push for the Monday night show SmackDown could be running a much "leaner" talent pool. 

Couple that with the concerns over the state of the failing MyNetworkTV network, the brand could be in more trouble than any of us realize.

Let's hope he Vince can beef up RAW without destroying SmackDown.


Line Up and Results

WWE Raw/ECW House Show Results (3/14/09) - Lubbock, Texas
Cryme Tyme v. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
Good energy from everyone. Lot of tag team effort from team priceless. Ref gets distracted, Cody & Ted take advantage via pinfall. Winners: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

CM Punk v. William Regal w/Layla
Very good match. Punk and Regal took turns dominating the match. Superfan heckling Layla was pretty funny. CM Punk hits GTS. Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

Mike Knox v. "Hacksaw" Charlie Haas
Match went as you would expect. winner via pinfall: Mike Knox

Mark Henry v. Finlay w/Hornswoggle
Hornswoggle distracts Henry. Finlay hits him with foreign object. Winner via pinfall: Finlay

Teddy Long comes out and says ECW title is on the line

Jack Swagger v. Christian
Back and forth Great match. Swagger rolls up and grabs the tights for the win. Winner via pinfall: Jack Swagger

6 Person Tag Team Match
Santino Morella, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes v. Kofi Kingston, Mickie James, and Melina.
Kofi gets the win for his team.
Winner via pinfall: Kofi, Mickie, and Melina

Tag Team Main Event
Y2J & Kane v. HBK & Rey Mysterio
Jericho played to the crowd big time. HBK pulls Jericho's trunks down to show his a** wonders around for awhile with them pulled down. Kane can't help but laugh the whole time.

Good fast moving match. HBK sets Y2J & Kane up for Mysterio. He goes to hit 619 but flies right through the ropes, appears to be hurt legitimately. Small pause as WWE officials and ref check on Rey. HBK serves up Sweet chin music to both Kane and Jericho. Winners via pinfall: HBK & Rey

After the match: HBK immediately goes to Rey. The tend to him for about 10 minutes the help him walk to the back.

Ric Flair was scheduled to work ten dates for WWE including several RAW tapings as well as some non-TV promotional dates, ending with an appearance at WrestleMania 25.

Flair is going to be appearing at one day of the AXXESS event in Houston, the Hall of Fame with Ricky Steamboat and likely involved in some form with the Chris Jericho match at WrestleMania.


Last Words

The following is posted on Andrew “Test” Martin’s official Myspace account:
Hey all! I just got back from Tokyo, Japan. I have been to Japan several times but this was by far the best trip there for a number of reasons.

First, I must thank Mr. Aso who treated me beyond first class and is a total gentleman as well as a great human being himself. My trip there was first class all the way. Thanks to Mr. Ena for making my flight the best flight I had ever been on.

Mr. Aso flew me first class on United Airlines who I must thank the ladies on board, who kept feeding me steak and chicken every two hours. It ended up being about a 24 hour travel day.

When I landed, I was greeted by Mr. Yabe, another kind and stand up man. We chatted for a bit and waited for Vader. For those of you who do not know Leon (Vader) he is a total gentleman.

I met Leon about 10 years ago when I was training at Bret's house he was kind to me then and was nothing but a gentleman to me now and we became good friends on this trip. Leon is a stand up guy and I want to thank him as well for a wonderful trip.

Mr. Aso put us up in the Keio Plaza hotel which is one of the nicest hotels in Tokyo. I want to thank Mr.Tiger Kihara who is one of the funniest guys I have met and a master at wrestling impressions and kept me laughing the whole time.

Thanks to Golds gym who took great care of me there. I worked my first match with Lance Hoyt. Lance is green but has a lot of promise and under the right guidance can have a great match because he is a good athlete.

He needs to be in the WWE were I think he could learn and reach full potential…thanks Lance.

My second match was with a Japanese shooter named Nagai {hopefully I spelled that right} A totally different style but we had a great match together. He works almost as stiff as I do…lol.

I was very humbled by the reception from the Japanese fans. The Japanese people are so respectful you can’t help but love it there. I loved Japan for so many reasons and hope to make it my wrestling home.

Japan is so beautiful and full of things to do, I could see myself living there it was that much fun. Thanks again to Mr. Aso your a real gentleman and No. 1 in my books.

On March 16, I will be heading to Europe for two weeks in France, Sweden and Belgium. This is with the crew from Ireland. These guys hold a special place in my heart because they stuck by me when I was going through some hard times and we all ended up becoming good friends.

Great guys and fantastic people to work for, from Martin, to Mick, Joe, Jamie, Grant, Patty, Justin Shape, Lizzy, Anne, Ken, the whole crew are just great and I’m looking forward to this trip. That’s all for to you soon Andrew

Well that's it for today, stay tuned for more rumors and gossip next time.


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