Football Manager 2013: Breaking Down PC Game's New Features

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIINovember 4, 2012

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The ever-popular Football Manager video game has some groundbreaking new features to offer PC enthusiasts in the 2013 version. Having just been released on Friday, the football management simulation is bound to have gamers geeking.

Miles Jacobson, studio developer at Sports Interactive, took to Twitter to announce some exciting news about the latest game's perpetually increasing popularity:

A record first day for FM with #FM13. Thanks to all who bought it - hope you're all enjoying it!

— Miles Jacobson (@milesSI) November 3, 2012


Here is a breakdown of the innovations and the most notable changes of the 900-plus new features to Football Manager.

(Note: Information found via Football Manager 13's official website.)


Improved Physics

With the Match Engine 3D technology, the game continues improving its realistic feel every year. The way players move, the smoothness of transitions in the game and the smarts players display is unprecedented.

There are new camera angles as well and hundreds of animations never before seen in previous games.


Inclusion of Elite Player Performance Plan

In addition to all the world's top football leagues that are included, the Premier League's new initiative to get younger players into the highest levels of football is included.

Youths will have fixed transfer fees as they go between academies and work their way up through the younger ranks, eventually to join the best leagues in the world.

While the EPPP is still brand new and surrounded by much uncertainty, the game designers of Football Manager made sure to include this unique element that has been added to the Premier League scene.


Classic Mode

Sometimes, all of us can get too caught up in our personal lives or our jobs to carve out time for a video game. The developers of FM 13 found themselves having the same problem and wanted to preserve the integrity of the game while giving gamers a new alternative.

There is now a delegation of responsibilities of some of the more arduous, time-consuming tasks such as training, and this allows for more game play and more rapid decision-making. This new role is known as the "Director of Football."

In an increasingly fast-paced Digital Age, the amount of time to chill out and play video games for hours on end is diminishing. The developers recognize this and have adapted to the constantly changing world.


Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode, a similar concept to Classic Mode is in effect with respect to saving time.

The difference here is that the season is essentially cut in half, which not only compresses the time frame to win a trophy but also intensifies the management experience. The success of the feature in the 2012 handheld version of Football Manager led to its inclusion in the PC version this time around. 


Online Interactivity

The Network Mode will make setting up fixtures with friends the easiest it's ever been. All the more fascinating are the worldwide leaderboards which have been set up to give gamers an indication of where they truly stand.

An option to set up "one-off" leagues exists as well, which allows the importation of a team into career mode. From there, bragging rights can be had over who has built the best team.

This new Football Manager 13 has so many new features to be excited about, especially since the game has adapted its nature to be friendlier with regards to time. Without having to log so many hours to build a great team, the thrill of managing a dream football team is still achieved, and that's something other developers should take note of.