TNA: Did Christian York Pass His Gut Check?

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 4, 2012

This past Thursday, the world watched as Christian York took his shot at glory on TNA's Gut Check. 

Christian York, age 35, is no stranger to the wrestling business. Having debuted in 1996, Christian York is a veteran. Not since Joey Ryan in May has Gut Check seen such a seasoned wrestler.

York has wrestled for organizations such as WCW, WWF, ECW, Memphis Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor Wrestling, and even TNA Wrestling prior to this Gut Check.

York took part in the very first broadcast of TNA Wrestling back in June of 2002. During that time, many believed York to be a tremendous up-and-coming star.

10 years later, Christian York would find himself back in TNA, this time as a participant for Gut Check, attempting to earn a contract in TNA.

York would fall short of victory and submit to former X-Division Champion, Zema Ion. Despite the loss, York was dominant in the match and had an impressive showing against the former champion. York, to my knowledge, was also the closest to defeating his TNA opponent of all past Gut Check participants.

It's no secret that the X-Division is in need of some new blood, and Christian York can bring just that. He displayed some nice X-Division style moves against Ion and, at the age of 35, wouldn't need the training in OVW. York has the skill and is at the age where he's already set for television.

As of this writing, IMPACT Wrestling's Twitter poll sees Christian York with a 94 percent Yes vote from the TNA audience. 94 percent is the highest vote any Gut Check participant has ever received.

York also has some great support behind him going into facing the judges this coming Thursday. Again, as of this writing, the top comments on his try-out from YouTube all demand TNA to sign him.

Some comments on the IMPACT Twitter poll say that Christian York is "pure gold". Others say that they "cannot believe he hasn't been in the big leagues yet". One of York's longtime fans says, "his ability as a heel is something TV wrestling needs. He would instantly become infamous worldwide".

Christian York even has the support of some wrestlers backstage within TNA.

Former Gut Check participant, Joey Ryan, had this to say:

If I were in charge of a professional wrestling company, would be on my roster. 


Two-time Knockout Champion Ms. "Hardcore Country" Mickie James also praised York

Awesome Job on  bro  You're a star! I hope you get the long overdue break you deserve! Luv ya


When the spotlight comes on next Thursday, and the epic music plays as Christian York stands before the judges, he'll already have my vote.

You could re-watch Christian York's Gut Check from this past Thursday here. Also, be sure to let your voice be heard and vote in IMPACT's Twitter poll in regard to York's Gut Check. Don't forget to tune into IMPACT this Thursday, Nov 8, to see if Christian York will earn a spot on the IMPACT roster.