WWE News: Did William Regal Hint Wrestler Suspension

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 4, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

A bit of cryptic news coming from NXT.

As WWE commentator William Regal hinted that Hunico may be gone for a bit. The call happened during October 24's NXT taping. The video can be seen here and the following comment begins around the 1:50 mark:

Hunico's not here and I'm not allowed to say why. He's in a little trouble, and he got into a little extra curricular activities and causing a bit of grief to people, and he's not gonna be with us for awhile let's put it that way.

One has to wonder if this is a storyline for NXT, or if the WWE is giving the star some time off to figure things out before hitting him with a suspension? Overall, Hunico had a promising career alongside Camacho on SmackDown. However, the duo has barely been on WWE TV since Raw 1000.

You may remember, Hunico was at one point a fill-in for the suspended Sin Cara. Which led to a Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara feud, ultimately exposing Hunico as the fake Cara. Overall, if this is a work, one has to wonder where it will be going?

However, if this is serious, one would think that Regal wouldn't be allowed to mention anyone's real-life issues on air. Yet, he and Triple H are friends outside of the ring, so it's quite possible that he is afforded luxuries that others aren't. As of this article, WWE.com has not made note of the statement, nor have they officially suspended the star.

In the end, I am hopeful that it's just a work. As the WWE and it's fans have seen too many wrestlers suspended for Wellness Policy violations.