West Ham, The Tevez Experience, and Surprising Takeover News.

Pig FarmerContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Finally, the Carlos Tevez saga seems to be drawing to a close for West Ham.

The Hammers bought Tevez illegally, and the powers that be in British Football decided that his influence in the latter stages of the 06/07 season rescued West Ham from relegation at the expense of Sheffield United, who still haven't made it back into the top flight.

This week may finally see an end to the saga, with West ham agreeing to pay the Blades £10 million now, and a further £11 million in stage payments. This deal could still be scuppered if West Ham don't agree to the personal claims from the Blades players, thought to be between three and four million pounds.

Since arriving in September, Gianfranco Zola, has had a mixed season. There were a couple of lean months, and then West Ham picked up. Currently they are seventh in the table. Things are rosy on the pitch at least.


Take-over Bid.

Financially, however, it's a different matter. With a £50 million millstone hanging around their necks, and the owner, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, in serious debt due to the Icelandic bank meltdown, things are tight at Upton Park.

Surprising then that rumours of a British led consortium bidding for the club have surfaced. A £100 million deal which will repay the debts of the club/owner, pay the Blades and give Zola some much needed cash.

So maybe that's one down, how many to go though? What the Premier League clubs need is financial stability and then we can all concentrate on the "Beautiful Game" rather than economic shenanigans.