Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy + Bringing Back the Hardccore Championship = ?

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Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy + Bringing Back the Hardccore Championship = ?

The on again off rivalry of  Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy is starting to get old. The rivalry however is not the greatest in a standard match. The best match ever between the two of them, was when they met for the Hardcore Championship on Smackdown in 2000.

What does that tell us? It tells us that they are original hardcore wrestlers. As much success as they have had in normal matches there is no argument they are at their best when there are no rules.

These two "extreme" wrestlers should meet in the match that not only suits them best, but would also put on a match that could steal the show. 

Now the second part of the argument. I watched the WWF not the WWE I was an enormous fan back in the day. I have since tried to get back into it with moderate to little success.

It is hard to get back into a show that is just not as creative or crazy. What the WWE (sigh i hate that name) needs is the Hardcore Championship to come back. We need those matches that made us cringe and jump out of our seats. We need the matches that could end in any way imaginable. Let us bring that belt back.

OK so now I have shown my problems with the WWE and the match now the solution. If you could not guess already I want the Jeff vs. Matt match at wrestlemania to be a ladder match for the new Hardcore Championship.

This match could be legendary. We would have two amazing wrestlers in a match that is unpredictable. I believe that  not only could this match be amazing but the aftermath could be even better. This could bring back all of the fans who miss the Hardcore Championship.

This could bring back the days of blood and guts. This could bring back the golden years in the WWE.  

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