WWE: 9 Superstars Who Will Dominate in 2013

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 5, 2012

WWE: 9 Superstars Who Will Dominate in 2013

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    After the shock and awe left in the wake of Hell in a Cell, could the coming holiday season and subsequent new year bring about big change in the WWE?

    It would appear the company has set a course for a new direction of sorts, looking to new talents and familiar faces to jump-start the 2013 calendar year.

    For a while, I had thought it was going to be someone like Matt Morgan who would come in and set the WWE on fire. However, in light of the Ryback surge that the WWE has suddenly gone forward with and the appearance that John Cena's days as a WWE Champion may soon be over, there are new stars on the horizon who could make a major impact in the company in the coming months.

    Here is a look at those wrestlers who could break out or have a huge year in 2013.

Antonio Cesaro

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    I don't think the WWE is using Cesaro in the capacity he should be used right now.

    What a shame since he is one of the more talented wrestlers on the roster.

    An old-school wrestler with power and strength. Dory Funk, Jr. would be proud.

    If Cesaro found the right opponent (R-Truth) and maybe someone to manage him (Paul Heyman), he could be the next big thing. Until then, he is an also-ran with the United States Title wrapped around his waist.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

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    The person who put these two together as a tag team was a genius.

    They remind me a bit of the Harts when they were a tag team. They could easily be Randy Savage and Lanny Paffo when they were together in the Memphis Territory in the NWA.

    They are great in the ring and great on the mic and will be tag team champions, hopefully before the end of the year.

    Two great talents that go great together.

Kofi Kingston

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    I really like the idea that they got Kingston away from the tag team division and put the Intercontinental strap on him.

    And his feud with The Miz is good for both performers.

    The one thing about Kingston is that he doesn't appear to be a "heel" type of wrestler, which means he will always feel the love from the fans. In doing so, Kingston could be in line for a WWE Title shot.

    Seeing him in the ring with CM Punk would be a pretty good show.

CM Punk

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    Another year as the WWE Champion?

    I don't see it happening, but CM Punk could lose the title and recapture it.

    Punk has been better the last three months than he has been as champion in a long time. Being a "heel" champion really agrees with him and he's being taken more seriously now by the fans and the WWE Universe.

    I think he can contend well into 2013 until possibly WrestleMania, and then all hell should break loose.

Heath Slater

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    Here is my wild card in this slider.

    You take a guy who was a decent tag team wrestler and then give him some awful gimmick. He jobs for veteran wrestlers who return to the ring for a one-time engagement and then he forms a stable with two other marginal wrestlers.

    One has to break out.

    Slater has a good look and good in-ring skills. He needs work on the mic and more seasoning. He could be a better version of Zack Ryder with possibly a title by the end of the summer.


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    I like what the WWE has done now that he lost the World Title. I think a rematch of Big Show and Sheamus is good for the Survivor Series PPV.

    I also think a "heel" turn eventually and a feud with John Cena again is good for the WWE.

    Sheamus is likable, although he can be robotic. He is still a strong wrestler to build around for the future of this company.

    And I also would love to see him in a program against CM Punk.


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    Who else?

    If you are taking a basically green wrestler and throwing him to the wolves and then pulling him back, that is not too smart for the WWE.

    Next year will reveal a lot about what the company wants the future to hold.

    Ryback can be better than Goldberg. Better than Batista might be a stretch.

Wade Barrett

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    The future is as bright as he wants it to be.

    Barrett is the next big thing. He is everything a heel should be and his mic and ring skills are awesome.

    If Barrett does not have a title around his waist soon, it is a shame and a crime.

    And it proves the WWE has no idea what it is doing.