Ranking the 7 Best Babyfaces in WWE

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IINovember 8, 2012

Ranking the 7 Best Babyfaces in WWE

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    The WWE is known for being overloaded with heels.

    A lot of that has to do with the long-held notion that it's significantly easier for a wrestler to get fans to hate him than it is for him to get fans to like him.

    But even though that remains true, there are still several babyfaces who do a great job of getting the crowd behind them.

    Whether it's because of their character, mic work, in-ring ability or some combination of all three, these guys simply know what it takes to make the fans go crazy.

    Here are my rankings of the seven best babyfaces in all of the WWE.

7. Randy Orton

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    It's amazing to think about how fantastic of a babyface Randy Orton could be if he actually tried.

    Even though "The Viper" shows little to no interest in being a "good guy" and sort of just coasts by in that role, he's ridiculously over and, perhaps more importantly, great in the ring as a babyface.

    While I prefer Orton's heel character, the fact remains that his face character works for him, in large part because he's been a better in-ring performer in that role. He always causes the fans to go absolutely crazy during his matches, especially when he's setting up for a signature spot like the hangman's DDT or the RKO.

    It's pretty incredible to see just how much the fans love Orton, even though he appears to be going through the motions as of late and doesn't act overly cheesy like many of the WWE's other babyfaces tend to do.

    Orton is essentially a babyface only in the sense that the fans cheer for him and that he's paired up with other faces in tag-team matches.

    Other than that, he's pretty much a no-nonsense heel, which is probably why he continues to be so over with the crowd.

6. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston may never be a top guy, but he's exactly what you want out of a quality babyface.

    He's always been very likable and charismatic, and on the rare occasions when he's been given the chance to show it, he's actually proven that he's a solid mic worker who can battle it out on the stick when feuding with the right person.

    Of course, Kofi's speaking ability isn't what makes him so special.

    His main appeal is his incredible athleticism/agility, which makes him arguably the most exciting high-flyer in all of the WWE. The guy was blessed with some amazing athletic gifts, and he uses them to perfection in his role as that go-to midcard babyface.

    Kofi almost never has a bad match, and his energy and exciting in-ring style make him so fun to watch. Even though he has never really been considered a main-event caliber superstar, he's one of the most consistent performers in the entire WWE.

    Perhaps that's why Kofi has been over essentially since he stepped into the WWE and started electrifying the crowd with some awesome abilities that still wow us even today.

5. AJ Lee

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    Even though the Divas division is basically dead, AJ has somehow managed to make herself matter more than most guys on the roster.

    She has been one of the biggest breakout stars of 2012, going from a relative afterthought to the girlfriend of Daniel Bryan to the general manager of Monday Night Raw and playing a huge part in storylines along the way.

    AJ's involvement with CM Punk, Kane and, most importantly, Daniel Bryan gave AJ her first real opportunity to get over, and she did that. Big time.

    Her "crazy chick" character got ridiculously over this summer, so much so, in fact, that she often found herself involved in main-event segments on Raw. What's odd, though, is that this character got so over without AJ having to be too babyface-like.

    She did insane things like push Punk and Bryan through a table and make out with both of them in one night, and it worked, definitely portraying her as crazy but doing so in a way that made her become very popular with the WWE fans, especially guys who like "crazy chicks."

    Now, she continues to be, by far, the most popular Diva on the roster, its most-developed character and probably the most talented one, too.

    Things are definitely looking up for AJ.

4. Sheamus

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    "Sheamus is so much better as a heel" has become the popular thing to say as of late.

    But do you remember Sheamus when he was a bad guy? Because he's better at almost everything as a babyface.

    Since turning a little more than a year ago, Sheamus has made huge strides in the ring, developing into a much better and far more significant in-ring performer as a good guy. A big reason why that's been the case is because he's one of the most underrated sellers around and shows a tremendous amount of heart during his matches.

    Sheamus is able to make the heels he's working with look very good because he really knows how to take a beating, and when he's being dominated by a heel, he does a fantastic job of making that babyface comeback that gets the fans into his matches.

    Sure, Sheamus can be a bit corny on the mic at times. But he's improved in that area as well and has somehow managed to go from hate-able "ginger snap" to one of the WWE's most popular superstars.

    That's a true testament to the major improvements he's made over the last couple of years, as he's proven to be a quality good guy who does things the right way, and he gets places because of it.

3. Kane

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    Not all that long ago, Kane was nearly boring me to death with his tired heel routine.

    But an odd pairing with Daniel Bryan has turned "The Big Red Monster" into one of the most entertaining characters on TV.

    Ever since Team Hell No started working together, Kane has been 10 times more interesting. That's largely because he's a great tag-team wrestler and, despite being portrayed as a monster, is one of the funniest performers around.

    Kane has shown his tremendous comedic abilities throughout his run with Bryan, but at the same time, his comedic act hasn't prevented him from being taken seriously in the ring and delivering some very good tag-team matches on a consistent basis.

    A lot of fans will complain that Kane "is a joke" in his current role, but he's a proven and established veteran who, even in his 40s, is doing some of the absolute best work of his career. How can you not respect that?

    While Kane's recent work may not be your cup of tea, it's hard not to be impressed by it, especially with the way that he and Bryan consistently have the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands.

2. John Cena

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    Love him or hate him (I know it's probably the latter), John Cena is a fantastic babyface.

    The problem with Cena isn't that he's not good in that role. It's just that he's been in that role so long that people are continuing to grow sick of him.

    The thing is, though, that Cena does anything and everything you could ask for out of a good guy. He always does the right thing, he always has the crowd into his matches and he creates an intrigue in his storylines that almost no one else can.

    More importantly, Cena can wrestle, and he proves that during big matches, when he almost always delivers. He is also—though very campy and corny—one of the very best mic workers in the business.

    Remember when he owned The Rock on the stick a few times during their feud? How about when he went toe-to-toe with CM Punk on the mic earlier this year?

    While I will agree that Cena is pushed too strongly and dominates the main-event scene far too much, that doesn't mean that the guy isn't talented or that he doesn't thrive as one of the biggest and best babyfaces of all-time.

    In fact, that's exactly what he does.

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan still hasn't fully embraced the fact that that he's a good guy, but by all accounts, he's a bona fide babyface.

    All it takes is watching one episode of Raw to see that, because you could make a case that Bryan is and has been more over than anyone on the roster for quite some time now.

    He may not act like your typical babyface, but he's been aligned against heels lately and continues to stay outrageously over with the crowd. His "Yes" and "No" chants are as prevalent as ever, and the fans in the live crowd eat up just about everything he does.

    Bryan's entrance consistently gets an absolutely gigantic pop now, and I think that's a direct result of him developing into arguably the WWE's top overall performer in 2012. He's gone from a rather generic face to a big-time main-event level heel to one of the funniest and most well-rounded performers around.

    He's shown a lot of range as an actor this year, and as we all know, there aren't many who can match him step-for-step in the ring.

    When I look at Bryan, I see a guy who is superb in the ring, great on the mic and very charismatic, but doesn't fit the stereotypical WWE mold.

    That's what makes his great run all the more impressive and what makes Bryan the best babyface in all of the WWE—even though he pretends not to know it.

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