WWE Survivor Series 2012: Possible Stipulations for Show-Sheamus II

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Possible Stipulations for Show-Sheamus II

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    The World Heavyweight Championship match between the Big Show and Sheamus at WWE Hell in a Cell was so much fun the first time around, that naturally, the WWE is doing it again. 

    With the rematch set to take place at WWE Survivor Series, the stakes need to be raised in order to pique fan interest, and a handful of stipulations to enhance the match are available at the WWE's disposal. 

1. Falls Count Anywhere

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    Part of the lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry between the Big Show and Sheamus is the proficient brawling that the two display. 

    Nobody is expecting a wrestling classic between these bruisers, but their physicality and street fighting help tell a great story. 

    A falls count anywhere match would appear to be the ultimate obstacle for the suddenly sympathetic Sheamus, making it easier for fans to get behind him during his most recent babyface chase. 

2. Ladder Match

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    If the Big Show and Sheamus is set to be a long-term feud, a ladder match could be a precursor to next month's Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view where a TLC match can commence as the feud's grand finale. 

3. Finisher's Match

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    These match types are quite rare in the WWE, which is why such a novelty could make this feud even more compelling.

    The WWE seems obsessed with infusing Sheamus' Brogue Kick into storylines, so they should run with it.

    Big Show's Knockout Punch has already been juxtaposed Sheamus' Brogue-Kick in SmackDown segments and storylines so why not feature these two finishers front and center; with the winner being the man who is successfully able to pull off his signature maneuver. 

4. Tables Match

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    The finishers of Sheamus and the Big Show would come secondary during a Table's Match, but this would be another match-type that would fit the styles of both competitors. 

    Sheamus' Pale Justice maneuver through a table would be an incredible visual sure to pop in front of a live crowd.

5. Last Man Standing

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    This is the most likely scenario as both the Brogue Kick and Knockout Punch result in the incapacitation of the opponent. 

    With a Last Man Standing stipulation looming, the main storyline could focus around how important it is for Sheamus to avoid the Big Show's patented punch at all costs, and whether or not he can recover from it in time to answer a ten-count should he take such a punch.