Stapleton Nets OT Winner For The Marlies

TOsports.caCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

From the drop of the puck between these division rivals there was something in the air that smelt like overtime or was it nachos?

The thunderous hits rang throughout the building, amongst the 3,500 fans gathered, from start to finish.

Adam Munro got the start and in Justin Pogge’s words after the game: “He played unbelievable. I mean he’s been doing that all year and its good having that guy behind ya and ya know, putting a little pressure on, it’s good.”

Munro stopped 30 in the 2-1 OT win for the Marlies.

Munro was humble by saying, “I felt pretty good out there tonight and the guys did a great job and we got the goal at the right time and we got the big two points against a big division rival like that.”

The Monsters took the lead in the first on a goal by LW No. 11 Randy Rowe and just below the press box where I sat.

A group of 20 or so Lake Erie fans cheered, whom I found out later were the Captain of Monsters, Chris Durno’s, friends and family.

I talked a bit with Toronto native, Chris Durno, about this experience…

“It was awesome I mean, obviously I haven’t gotten to play much in Toronto since I turned pro, so every chance I get is, ya know, it’s great seeing all the family and friends here.”

The Marlies answered in the second when RW No. 19 Jeremy Williams potted his 22nd goal just one behind team leader Juri Tlusty.

The third period saw the teams trade something else as Toronto’s Daryl Boyce and Lake Erie’s Matt Hendricks dropped the gloves just three seconds in, in what some might call a staged fight.

During this back and forth tilt both players knee’s hit the ice at one point or another from a punch, but finally Boyce toppled Hendricks, which brought about a huge roar from the crowd.

The two players had run into each other a few times during the game and exchanged a few words at the end of the second period.

When asked about the battle in the context of the so called staged fight which is on the lips everyone involved in hockey in any aspect, Daryl Boyce had this to say, “There’s definitely some bad blood there at the end of the second period and I just sort of wanted to resolve the issue and sort of try and get some momentum for the boys and sure enough we got the win.”

C, No.17 Tim Stapleton when he streaked down the right wing and let a slap shot fly beating the goalie Tyler Weiman on the far side, scored the winner.

If he hadn’t worn a helmet and had long flowing hair…and was wearing a Montreal Canadiens No. 10 jersey, I may have mistaken him for the Flower—Guy Lafleur!

Stapleton said of his OT winner, “It was kind of a broken play, obviously it started with Adam making a game saving save and I thought I had the guy beat, their defenseman I thought I could have came in close and maybe had a breakaway but I figured if I shot it the goalie wouldn’t be ready for that, and I was fortunate enough to have it go in.”

The Marlies play their fourth game in five nights and third game in a row 4 p.m. Sunday at the Ricoh Coliseum, when they host the division leading Manitoba Moose in what could be a playoff preview.