Oakland Raiders' Draft: (Two Of Six)

tim spoonauerContributor IMarch 15, 2009

2nd Round

Ron Brace - A massive nose tackle that made several plays when B.J. Raji was sitting for Boston College. This big boy will definitely be there for the 2nd round from what I have heard and would help the Raiders run defense. This mammoth only played in seven games and had 7.5 tackles for a loss and 2.5 sacks during 2008.

This pick up would give them the ability to release Terdell Sands and pick up another good nose tackle like Tank Johnson who has been known for being a good 4-3 player. If the coaching staff wants to give Sands another year I can understand not picking up Brace, but then our attention better be on the best starter ready player in the draft.

Alex Mack - Mack is a well groomed center coming out in the draft. He is the most pro-ready player in the draft in my opinion. If the Raiders were to draft Mack they would have a center for several years to come. He could step in on day one and challenge John Wade for the position. It would be the same battle as last offseason, but I think Mack might be a better center than both Grove and Wade, coming out of college. If we do end up picking Mack I still believe Tank Johnson is very important, so we can bring in a proven guy for cheap and have him challenge Sands for Nose Tackle.