New York Knicks Answer Questions Surrounding Miami Heat's Greatness

Vivek WallaceContributor IINovember 3, 2012

Heat forced to run for cover in 20pt NYKnicks drubbing at MSG
Heat forced to run for cover in 20pt NYKnicks drubbing at MSGNick Laham/Getty Images

Last night was the New York Knicks' season opener after being delayed at the hands of Hurricane Sandy, but it was the Miami Heat who were welcomed back.

Welcomed back to reality, that is.

Coming into last Tuesday night, the buzz surrounded LeBron James finally receiving his first NBA Championship ring and the Miami Heat's chances at a repeating and becoming an eventual dynasty.

One random fan who stood on the steps of the Miami Heat's American Airlines Arena prior to the season opener spoke about the depth of this team, stating that it gives them a claim at being the "greatest ever", to include the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.

No mistaking, their depth is quite frightening. But their first loss of the season proved to us precisely why this team will probably never hold court with such perennial teams of the past. One thing they appear to lack is the one thing necessary to conquer those dubious odds.

That one thing is consistency.

When we think of the near flawless Bulls squad that only dropped 10 games in an 82-game season, we think of a collective competitive spirit that refused to be denied.

Last night what Miami Heat fans saw was a team that appeared stale and unable to muster the effort necessary to answer true firepower.

It's very early in the season and there's a ton of ball left to be played, but if this team has any aspirations of landing in the history book near that iconic team, it'll take far more than what they displayed Friday night.

Next stop is back home against a Denver Nuggets team that has yet to post a "W" in this new season. Nothing like home cooking, but last night we learned that this is less about home cooking, and more about seasonal appetite!

Stay tuned!

Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets - 730 p.m. Live from American Airlines Arena