Washington Redskins: 5 People Who Need to Be Fired After 2012 Season

Korey Beckett@@KoreyBeckettBRContributor IIINovember 3, 2012

Washington Redskins: 5 People Who Need to Be Fired After 2012 Season

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    For the Washington Redskins, the frustration from the 2012 season is not unlike the past half decade. It's the same old story: Lose a bunch of close games, get blown out by a traditional powerhouse like the Steelers, dash in a couple of wins to build excitement and ultimately disappoint.

    At least this season, the offense has been fun to watch instead of the cringe-worthy offenses of seasons past. We can thank Robert Griffin III for that.

    Not all of the right pieces are in place yet for this team to truly become great, but it seems that they are taking strides in getting to the mountain top. So here is a look at five people in the Redskins organization that are expendable to the point where they should be completely lifted from the franchise altogether.

DeAngelo Hall

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    In his Redskins career, Hall has been an absolute bust to say the least.

    Overpaid and over-hyped, Hall is just another player on the futile list of Redskins free agent signings over the past decade plus.

    RGIII is better at covering up Nike logos than Hall is at covering receivers. And that's saying something.

    I've watched too many Redskins games over the past few seasons and either thought to myself or heard from someone else out loud over and over: "What is this guy doing?"

    It has to stop.

    The Redskins are lucky though as this could potentially be his last season in D.C. thanks to the fact that the organization has already paid him most of his contract and can hop out of the deal for a low cap hit in 2013.

    Will we see him back in the Burgundy and Gold next season? Don't count on it.

    He's embarrassed the franchise with his play and his attitude on several occasions. It hit the boiling point last week when Hall berated an official in Pittsburgh, and it seems like the front office has had enough.


    Likelihood of returning

    About as likely as Hall making a big play.

Jammal Brown

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    Who decided it would be wise to give this man a five-year contact extension anyway? Oh well, never mind that.

    The point remains that he has to go. The Redskins can not afford to keep a roster spot open for a player that is perpetually injured. The team needs depth on the offensive line in the worst way possible and they need to ditch Brown for another player to take his spot.

    Washington made a wise move by not cutting him before the season as it would have resulted in a large cap penalty. So if the Redskins wait until June 1, 2013 he only counts for $1.1 million against the cap.

    Well, at least the boys in charge of the contracts are good at putting in loopholes to get the team out of sticky situations like this one.

    The draft will be a fine way to find young offensive linemen to build around, and Tyler Polumbus hasn't been mind-bogglingly awful this season, I guess. It's time to move on from a player that had so much potential in a Redskins uniform.


    Likelihood of returning

    With that tiny little cap hit? Pretty slim.

Jim Haslett

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    While Mike and Kyle Shanahan have taken a little bit of heat for the way this season has panned out, no coach has drawn more ire from the Redskins faithful than defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

    I'm all about giving coaches time to build their game plans, but so far, the Redskins have regressed on defense. I know there have been massive injuries on that side of the ball, but they were struggling before those even took place.

    A change has to take place somewhere on the defensive side, so it might as well be at the top. Haslett has shown his inability to construct a successful plan of attack week after week.

    He doesn't have the best players, but he surely doesn't have the best strategy.

    In Week 2 against the Rams, one would assume that some adjustments would be made to slow down Danny Amendola after he racked up catch after catch against the secondary. That, however, was not the case as Amendola just kept going, and going, and going.

    With no handle on his players and the owner of the worst pass defense in the entire National Football League, his days in Washington may be numbered.


    Likelihood of returning

    Moderate. I think the front office has become more patient, but don't be surprised if they change their minds.

Josh Morgan

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    I think it's time to kill the experiment now. It was a fun idea, but Morgan has got to go.

    Even with top receiver Pierre Garcon missing significant time, Morgan has not been able to step up this season and hasn't come close to earning his huge $5.5 million signing bonus.

    He only has 263 receiving yards on the season and has even potentially cost the Redskins a game (the Week 2 game against the Rams I alluded to earlier).

    None of his money is guaranteed for next season so if the Redskins want to chop him off of the roster, it won't come at a hefty price. There are plenty of free agent fish in the sea to replace him.

    Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace are all set to become free agents after the season so getting rid of Morgan would probably go unnoticed if the Redskins were to sign one of these big names.


    Likelihood of returning

    Moderate to High.

Dan Snyder

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    Just because I know you guys too well and can already see the "Fire Dan Snyder" comments in my head.


    Likelihood of returning

    Sadly, about as likely as death and taxes.