81: A Lucky Number for Wideouts?

Nathan RollinsContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Is the No. 81 a lucky number for wide outs?

Well, you would think there is something special, considering Torry Holt, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens wear it.

In fact, looking back, T.O. actually had the coach of the Bills take the No. 81 away from his teammate, James Hardy, and give it to him.

What if they were all on the same team, who would wear No. 81?

While wearing No. 81 Randy Moss racked up 843 receptions for 13,201 yards and 135 touchdowns.

While wearing No. 81 Holt racked up 869 receptions for 12,660 yards and 74 touchdowns.

While wearing No. 81, supposedly "his number,'' T.O. has 14,122 yards on 951 receptions for 139 touchdowns.

So the question that's left is, is No. 81 a lucky number for wide receivers?