Why Do We Wear Jerseys?

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Why Do We Wear Jerseys?

I've been thinking about this for some time. I currently have over 40 professional sports jerseys. I have almost 30 NHL jerseys, about 15 NBA jerseys and a few NFL Jerseys.

I started buying jerseys, when I was about 14-years old. I like collecting memorabilia, and this way I thought I could wear them and collect it at the same time.

The first jersey I bought was a blank Toronto Maple Leaf jersey. Then, I bought a Reggie Miller jersey. I started off buying jerseys of teams and players I loved. But as it grew, I bought whenever I saw as a good deal. To this day, I'm not sure why I have four Buffalo Sabres jerseys, I guess because I do like the team, though they aren't my favorite.

I just kept seeing a good deal, or it was just the right one at the right time. For example, my Lafontaine jersey I got right before he retired or my Afinogenov jersey for the new look, during the game I went to during the playoffs last year.  

So as I continued to by these jerseys, I noticed I don't use them in the way they were supposed to be made. Over the next while, I went to play tennis in matches by my house. Then I would follow Novak Djokovic, as he would play outstanding tennis, while having a great personality. I thought to myself; why not wear what he's wearing. I love his play, his game, and personality, and then there must be a reason that he wears his adidas—Edge, ClimaCool Polo shirt during all his matches. It keeps out the sweat, makes him feel lighter, and it looks good.

I figured this would be the most useful clothing I would wear, while still wearing it for the player.

Come this spring, whenever it may come. I will be sporting a new Adidas, Climacool Polo shirt on the courts.

Team StreamTM

Buffalo Sabres

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