Debate: Does Geno Smith Still Have a Shot at the Heisman?

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Debate: Does Geno Smith Still Have a Shot at the Heisman?
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As long as KSU stays undefeated, the answer is no. The heisman is klein's, unless the wildcats lose.
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Klein would be embarrassed in the NFL. Those things klein calls passes would be picked off left and right. Once he's out of the defenseless big 12 his...
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Geno's really only had one bad game (K-State). There is no reason he is still not one of the top 5. If he can come out and play like he did the first ...
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If Geno plays really well the rest of the year AND the Mounties can win games, he'll be in the running again. There are still a lot of games left and...
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Did today end the debate for everybody? 6-6 thats if W.V. can beat Kansas and I am not sure that is a given with Dana and his boys. Worst coached tea...
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As far as my comment, it has nothing to do with WVU being my favorite team. You can look back at my posts well before the 2 teams played and I have be...
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