Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pull Up Bad Weed Talib, Is Eric Wright Next?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer INovember 2, 2012

Eric Wright will start on Sunday in Oakland.
Eric Wright will start on Sunday in Oakland.Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In 2008, Bruce Allen brought a bad seed to the fields at One Buccaneer Place.

Jon Gruden planted that bad seed then Raheem Morris took over, watered the weed, nurtured the weed and enabled the weed to grow.

On Thursday, Greg Schiano plucked that bad weed that was corner back Aqib Talib and got him the heck out of here.

Schiano saw a lot of weeds growing out there on the manicured practice fields when he took over the coaching helm of the Buccaneer franchise. He pulled most of them. Kellen Winslow Jr., Tanard Jackson, Dez Briscoe and Brian Price were sent to the mulch pile.

Gone now is Talib, the bad seed who grew and found mostly trouble. He was unreliable and he basically betrayed the Schiano core beliefs of "trust, belief and accountability."  Talib, who was never held accountable by the Bucs, finally was and now he's gone.

The big question now remains: When will Eric Wright be gone?

Wright is schedule to start against Oakland on Sunday. Fine. But there's a suspension on the horizon for him. The storm that mangled New York bought him an extra week but by sometime next week, he may well be starting his own four-game suspension for testing positive for the banned substance Adderall.

Now it will be up to Schiano along with Mark Dominik to plot Wright's future in Tampa Bay. At this point it has to be very, very uncertain. What may be certain is that he will be deemed not worth the more than $7 million the team would have to pay him next year.



What is certain is that this four-game suspension will cost Wright close to $2 million. Good savings for the Bucs, big loss for Wright. Call it the price of stupidity.

Most will agree that Wright was not worth the $15.5 million he was guaranteed to come play for the Bucs. This positive test should be cause enough to void his second year and the remaining guaranteed money.

When Schiano said: " You've got to trust us on this one," when it came to Talib, we found out that he is indeed trustworthy to do what is right for this football team.

It was Schiano who gave Talib a clean start and it was Talib who basically did the equivalent of peeing on the carpet in Schiano's office.

The tone is set and Wright has to know that he's probably the next man out the front door over there at One Buc Place.

Good news is the Bucs can save themselves nearly $10 million when Wright's gone, perhaps at the end of this season.

Good news is that the Bucs now have a fourth-round draft pick in place of Talib.

Just a friendly reminder. Look what Dominik did with some extra draft picks last year.

How are Doug Martin and Lavonte David working out?

Good players in the house and bad weeds pulled from the fields.

Sounds good, doesn't it?