TNA Impact: Why Bully Ray and Devon Must Become an Instant Classic

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 3, 2012

Why can't we just see them wrestle?

Finally, after two years of waiting for the inevitable, could we just see Bully Ray and Devon get in the ring, beat the hell out of each other and see someone thrown through a table?

After Devon was revealed as one of the members of Aces and Eights at Bound for Glory, it seemed like TNA and wrestling fans would finally get their wish.

Only one problem: there are more than a dozen other masked wrestlers protecting the Sergeant in Arms of the new faction in Orlando.

Oh, how this looks so much like a muted version of the NWO and an attempt to prove that invasion stories work in organizations other than the WWE.

And for some reason, this one works.

As the leader of the crowd and the only visible wrestler we knew of until Luke Gallows was unmasked by, of all people, Joseph Park (bad move on TNA's part), hopefully we will see more wrestlers revealed in the coming weeks (Chris Masters, anyone? What about Chris Harris?).

But back to the reason for this column.

Bully Ray is without a doubt one of the five best characters in the business today, and while he has not been able to capture TNA gold, he has surely become a fan favorite and one of the reasons TNA is stronger than it has been in some time.

The wrestling still matters, and with our favorite enforcer beating the hell out of Aces and Eights, it appears this storyline will evolve into something bigger.

But for that to continue, we need to see Devon get his ass kicked.

Other tag teams and factions have broken up in the past. Edge & Christian, Christian & Chris Jericho and Ole Anderson & the original Four Horsemen, to name a few. None have had as much impact on a promotion as Bully Ray and Devon standing at opposite sides of the ring would have.

Seeing Rev. Devon as the bad guy is pretty cool, too.

This is a feud that deserves the attention TNA wants to give it. It is as important to the continued growth of this company as James Storm and Bobby Roode have been. And it could be the biggest feud of 2013.

That is even better for stability within the company.

Yes, Bully Ray, we know who you are. Stay hardcore. Fight the good fight for TNA and kick Devon from pillar to post.

And help build a feud that needs to be fought.