WWE: Why This Week's Friday Night SmackDown Will Be Different

SMGAnalyst IINovember 2, 2012


Every week on Friday Night SmackDown, fans hope that there will be great action, interesting characters and progress in the storylines. Many episodes of SmackDown do feature great matches and interesting characters, but the progression of storylines is lacking.

However, this week seems like it will be different. There were some changes made at Hell in a Cell, a hurricane that destroyed parts of the New York metropolitan area, and we celebrated Halloween. So what can we expect this week on SmackDown? Why will this week be any different from previous weeks? Here are three reasons:


New World Heavyweight Champion

For the first time since before WrestleMania 28 in April, Sheamus is not the World Heavyweight Champion.

After losing the title to Big Show at Hell in a Cell, SmackDown will begin a new era with Big Show on top. It still remains to be seen if Big Show has a lengthy reign. With the rematch already set for Survivor Series though, we can expect Big Show to remain champion until then.

Still, there is one way that Big Show will not remain champion from now until Survivor Series. Dolph Ziggler did guarantee that he would cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a Cell. As you may have noticed, that did not happen. Unless Ziggler decides to cash in tonight, this week’s SmackDown will be the start of Big Show’s reign on top of the blue brand.


Only 3 Episodes Until Survivor Series

Unlike the time period between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell, there are only three episodes of SmackDown until the next pay-per-view, Survivor Series.

While many people would argue that WWE should have scheduled the events differently, we have to deal with the situation at hand.

There are only two scheduled matches for Survivor Series at this time, so hopefully we will see the start of some new feuds that lead to more matches at the pay-per-view.

Last year’s Survivor Series only featured one traditional five-on-five elimination match. Hopefully, we see a push of mid-card superstars who can spark ideas for more matches. Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara will most likely be involved at Survivor Series. This week’s episode of SmackDown should give us some indication as to how they will be involved.



Although Halloween passed just a couple of days ago, WWE will hopefully continue its celebration on SmackDown.

This week’s episode of Main Event featured some divas dressed up for the occasion. Perhaps WWE will not continue to showcase Halloween since Main Event fell on the actual day.

However, it is always entertaining to see superstars and divas dress up for the holiday. It was on Halloween that John Cena dressed up as Vanilla Ice and began a gimmick that led him to the top of WWE. Could a similar situation happen this year?

What do you think? Will SmackDown be different this week? Why or Why not? Leave your answers and suggestions in the comment section below.


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