WWE News: AJ Styles Shoots on AJ Lee and John Cena's Alleged Romance

Agent GreenCorrespondent IINovember 2, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

It seems that the name of “AJ” is being stretched upon all borders of professional wrestling.

On last night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, Bobby Roode was cutting his usual promo in regards to needing an immediate world title shot until he was interrupted by AJ Styles.

Naturally, AJ went on to explain why he is more deserving of world title shot, and Bobby should be content with having the longest title reign in TNA history.

But then the unthinkable happened as Styles dropped this nice little tidbit (at the two-minute mark):

While you were Heavyweight Champion, I was dealing with some issues. Not my issues, but someone else’s, where pictures were being taken, videos were being made of AJ Styles getting into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex.  [It] seems to be the new fad if your name is ‘AJ.’

This barb drew “oohs” from the crowd, and Bobby nodded his head as if he agreed with it.

From the short quote, we can gather two things.

First, it was an obvious shot at WWE for presumably stealing the “AJ/Claire storyline” from TNA. Many viewers have noted similarities between that story and the ongoing angle between AJ Lee and John Cena. Even Kurt Angle hinted at this on his Twitter account:

Staged "affair" between AJ Lee & @JohnCena, w/date pic & hotel video? WWE outright lifting TNA concepts?

Maybe WWE did steal the angle, or maybe it’s a coincidence. But it will not be the first time one company recycled the ideas of another. Speaking of which, didn't Sting take Heath Ledger's bit in The Dark Knight?

The second point involves the popularity of AJ Lee. She was actually mentioned on a rival’s TV program, something that rarely happens with male wrestlers, let alone Divas.

AJ Lee, born April Jeanette Mendez, started her WWE career in the developmental territory known as FCW in 2009.

When she debuted on NXT, she was simply known as ‘AJ,’ but she used ‘Lee’ once again after becoming the Raw general manager.

Perhaps this move was done so that Google searchers would not confuse her with former TNA world champion AJ Styles, whose real name is Allen Jones.

Like it or not, AJ Lee remains to be one of the biggest characters in 2012, and TNA may have just inadvertently contributed to this cause.

It's now in WWE's hands to make a better angle from the shoot, return fire or simply ignore it.