Survivor Series 2012: A Great Opportunity for Antonio Cesaro and His U.S Title.

Jamie WestAnalyst IIINovember 21, 2016

The United States Championship, a title that boasts over thirty five years of wrestling history and prestige, has, in recent times, appeared to be something of an afterthought within the WWE.

Whether we place the blame upon the writing staff for largely ignoring the belt and not coming up with storylines, or we cite the WWE's thinning roster as central to its demise, it is universally apparent that the United States Championship is not where it once was.

Take a look at the last three pay-per-view events, for example.

At Hell In a Cell, there was little to no build for a match between Cesaro and Justin Gabriel, and while the match was solid technically, there was little heat from the live crowd. The United States Championship match at Night of Champions, where the championships are meant to be the main focus, was decided in a pre-show battle royal and at SummerSlam, the title was itself contested in the online pre-show.     

Nevertheless, the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view, scheduled to take place on Nov 18, is arguably one of the best opportunities the WWE have had in months to bring prominence back to its second mid-card title.

The reasoning behind this is that ten of the company's top draws are competing in one traditional five-on-five elimination tag team match.

Moreover, the WWE, Intercontinental and Tag Team champions have all become embroiled in this 'Team Foley' vs 'Team Punk' feud.

Thus, the consequences are simple, the WWE needs to look elsewhere for important feuds in the build up to what is supposed to be a top-four event, and they need to try to make sure that the show is all killer, no filler.

With just two-and-a-half short weeks of build and hype left before one of the biggest pro wrestling events of the year, the creative department need to act fast yet effectively if they are going to create a card worth purchasing.

This is where the United States Championship comes into play: It should not be difficult to come up with a storyline worthy of a match for the title, as a challenger's desire to be the champion is the general preface of any title feud. 

Creative seem to be building towards a match between Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth for the pay-per-view, which has the potential to be an exciting 10-to-15-minute encounter. All that is needed is some solid build and advanced booking that allows fans to look forward to the matchup, and it would seem like that is what we are going to get for Survivor Series. 

After all, this match, somewhat shockingly, will likely be the fourth highest anticipated on the card, after the traditional tag-team match and the highly likely pairings of Big Show/Sheamus and Cena/Ziggler.   

Ultimately, WWE has a rare chance to put some meaning back into the United States Championship, and although Cesaro has done an impressive job since taking the belt from 'The Milan Miracle,' Creative can begin to re-emphasize the importance of their national title by offering its feud plenty of time, build, advanced booking and most importantly, an all-out match at Survivor Series.        

So what do you think?

Can the prestige of the United States Title be brought back to light at Survivor Series?