Comparing NFL Players to Their Rapper Counterparts

John Degroote@john_degrooteCorrespondent IINovember 2, 2012

Comparing NFL Players to Their Rapper Counterparts

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    You hear it all the time—athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out. Just look at Stephen Jackson's recent collaboration with Kevin Durant.

    It is obvious that most rappers and athletes should not be trading shoes to try their hand at each others' professions. However, there are some NFL players who have a variety of similarities to some of the biggest names in the rap game.

    Here are 10 NFL players and their rapper counterparts.

Lil' Wayne and Michael Vick

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    Lil' Wayne has fallen off as of late. His verses about skateboarding are getting old and fans are missing the old Wayne—songs like “Go DJ”, “Fireman”, even “Mrs. Officer” —that got him to the top. While Wayne is clearly on the other side of dopeness, he is still capable of making a great run.

    Same can be said about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Vick was a fantasy All-Star and was among the top quarterbacks in the NFL after taking over the starting job under center in Philly. However, Vick’s most recent play has been uninspiring. The quarterback has 14 turnovers (eight interceptions, six fumbles) and is on the verge of losing his starting job. However, like Lil' Wayne, Vick has the talent to turn things around.

    Not to mention, both served some time behind bars.

Childish Gambino and Percy Harvin

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    Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, is a modern triple threat.

    He stars in NBC’s comedy Community, has a killer stand-up comedy act and is taking the rap world by storm after dropping his latest mixtape “Royalty.

    At first, Glover was DJing and producing under the moniker mcDJ, but changed his name to Childish Gambino thanks to a Wu-Tang name generator. Whether you know him as “Troy Barnes,” “Childish Gambino,” or just Donald Glover, you know he is talented.

    The same is true for Vikings’ Swiss Army Knife Percy Harvin. Harvin has 60 catches for 667 yards and three touchdowns, 15 kick returns for 535 yards including a 105-yard touchdown, and has even recorded 18 rushes this year for 82 yards and one touchdown.

    Two triple threats with obvious talent.

2 Chainz and Drew Brees

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    That is the latest noise to be heard coming out of the Saints’ pregame chant huddle. It’s of course led by none other than Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees has always been a vocal leader, but Brees featuring the rest of the Saints’ roster chanting the well-known 2 Chainz song "No Lie" is definitely something…new.

    Brees' play is a lot like 2 Chainz—it doesn’t lie. Brees has thrown for ridiculous yardage over the last few years, including last season when he broke the single-season record for passing yardage with 5,476 yards.

Waka Flocka Flame and Adrian Peterson

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    It’s hard to listen to some Waka Flocka Flame without getting fired up. The Brick Squad Monopoly rapper goes hard all the time.

    It’s also hard to watch Vikings’ running back Adrian “All-Day” Peterson while remaining in your seat. Peterson finds a way to gain yards, whether it is around, over, or straight through defenders. Peterson would not even let knee surgery hold him back. He tore both his ACL and MCL on December 24th, and was back on the field in time for Week 1. He currently leads the NFL in rushing with 775 yards.

    I wonder if Peterson has Waka Flocka’s new mixtape “Salute Me Or Shoot Me 4” going through his headphones pre-game?

Rick Ross and Brett Keisel

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    This is obvious. The best beard in the rap game can only be compared to the best beard in football—Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel.

    There really is not many more similarities unless Keisel has a habit of grunting loudly before speaking.

Eminem and Wes Welker

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    Watching the movie 8 Mile, it was evident that a lot of people did not expect a lot from Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the white boy from a trailer park. But when Eminem took the stage he went off, leaving the competition in his dust.

    I don’t think Wes Welker grew up in a trailer park, or has ever been in a rap battle, but the Patriots 5’9” receiver has the ability to go off at any time. Welker led the league in catches last season and is well on his way to doing it again. Welker overcame a tough start to the season and has now tallied 60 catches for 736 yards.

Kanye West and Rob Gronkowski

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    Kayne West is on top of the rap world right now. He is just coming off the release of his collaboration album with mentor Jay-Z and has announced that his new solo album will drop soon. He also has socialite Kim Kardashian on his arm as of late and isn’t scared to show her off.

    Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is on top of the football world. Gronk can basically do whatever he wants nowadays and no one seems to raise an eyebrow—party after a Super Bowl loss shirtless, attempt a spike and miss, absurd touchdown dance—it’s just Gronk being Gronk. The reason no one seems to care too much is because, like Kanye, Gronk continues to produce. His 580 yards and seven touchdowns at the halfway mark are NFL-best among tight ends.

    Like Kanye's public relationship with Kim, Gronk also had a little incident with Bibi Jones (via USA Today) that the media had their fun with.

Jay Z and Peyton Manning

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    At 44 years old, Jay-Z is still churning out hits. He has sold approximately 50 million albums worldwide while receiving fourteen Grammy Awards for his musical work and numerous additional nominations, and is among the best rappers of all time.

    Peyton Manning is very similar. Many people counted the Broncos quarterback out after he missed the entire 2011 NFL season, but he has come back better than ever this season—like Jay Z’s album that announced his return from retirement, Kingdom Come.

    It is up for debate whether or not Manning is the best quarterback of all time; however, Manning’s stellar play this year may land him his fifth MVP trophy, two better than the next closest player.

Flo Rida and Tim Tebow

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    Flo Rida’s music is overrated but catchy. “Low” stuck in everyone’s head for well over a year and the rapper continues to churn out catchy radio hits. His most recent hit “I Cry” can be heard on the radio up to six times in a single 30-minute drive.

    Tim Tebow’s name is uttered on Sportscenter about as often as a Flo Rida song hits the airwaves.

    Has there ever been a backup quarterback that has garnered as much attention? Like Flo Rida’s raps, there is nothing clever about Tebow’s play. He does have a knack for winning games, though.

    There is also a connection between the Jets backup and Flo Rida because of where they are from. If you didn’t guess it from his stage name, Flo Rida was born in Carol City, Florida. Tebow was born in the Philippines, but grew up in the Jacksonville area and is a legend at the University of Florida.

Bangs and Blaine Gabbert

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    Blaine Gabbert is coming off his best game as a pro in Week 8, when he threw for 303 yards in a loss against the Packers. But the second-year Jacksonville quarterback has been bad through his first 22 games with the team. The Jags have had the NFL’s worst passing attack since Gabbert has been the starter.

    Bangz is a little-know rapper, but somewhat of an internet sensation. Just take a listen to his single “Take you to the Movies” in the video above and you will get an idea of why he and Gabbert are similar.