TNA Impact! Wrestling: Another Member of Aces and Eights Revealed

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IINovember 3, 2012

Jeff Hardy holds up the TNA World Heavyweight title. (Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling)
Jeff Hardy holds up the TNA World Heavyweight title. (Photo credit: Lee South, TNA Wrestling)

On a special edition of Open Fight Night, the Thursday, Nov. 1 edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling begins with a video package recapping last week's events.

Joseph Park is in the ring to open the show. Park says that on day one, he was an attorney, not a wrestler. However, due to the actions of Aces and Eights, he decided to protect himself instead of struggling against the group. Park goes ahead and challenges any member of the Aces and Eights group to do battle with him in a match.

Four members of Aces and Eights make their way to the ring. After being surrounded in the ring, Kurt Angle comes out but is quickly attacked. Sting suddenly appears and forces all of the members outside the ring. Sting tells the four members that someone will get their mask taken off.


Match No. 1: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Television Championship

Your winner via disqualification to retain the title: Samoa Joe.

A short match between the two but the disqualification result was just fine, as it allows this storyline to intensify. 

Match Rating: 2.5/5


Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out to the ring. Since it's Open Fight Night, they decide to challenge the TNA Spanish broadcast team, Hector Guerrero and Willy Urbina. Once arriving to the ring, Daniels shoves Urbina to the corner, but Guerrero knocks him down. Daniels and Kazarian begin their attack in the ring, but Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out for the save.


Match No. 2: Christian York vs. Zema Ion in a TNA Gut Check Match

Your winner via submission: Zema Ion.

A very good showing for York, who has had plenty of experience in the ring throughout the years of his wrestling career. York came very close to winning but just fell short.

Match Rating: 3/5


Backstage, a brawl erupts between Sting, Kurt Angle, Garrett Bischoff, Bully Ray and a few members of Aces and Eights.


Match No. 3: ODB vs. Jessie

Your winner via pinfall: Jessie. 

Thanks to Tara's distraction, Jessie was able to score the victory. ODB dominated this match, making Jessie look very weak in his first TNA match.

Match Rating: 2/5


Match No. 4: Robbie E vs. Jeff Hardy.

Your winner via pin fall: Jeff Hardy.

A decent match that saw Hardy earn a satisfying victory over Robbie E. 

Match Rating: 3/5


After the match, Austin Aries interrupts Hardy's celebration. Aries says he has been the most dominant wrestler in TNA. Hardy jumps outside the ring and challenges Aries to a ladder match at the Turning Point pay-per-view.

Bobby Roode arrives to the ring and begins to talk about why he is not in the picture for a World Heavyweight title match. Roode rants to Hogan in the ring, telling him that Aries is no longer the champion and because of the way his contract was written, he should receive a title shot. 

AJ Styles interrupts Roode and heads to the ring. Styles tells Roode to stop complaining and since its Open Fight Night, he challenges Bobby to a match. Roode responds back by knocking down Styles before AJ fights back.

Hulk Hogan comes out to the entrance way. Hogan books a match at Turning Point, announcing a three-way between Styles, Roode and James Storm.


Match No. 5: Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam

Your winner via pin fall: Joey Ryan.

This match had so much more potential, as it seemed to be just a filler match leading into the main event. Very quick match that had a limited amount of in-ring moves and a cheap roll-up victory for Ryan.

Match Rating: 1.5/5


Match No. 6: Bully Ray vs. Devon

During the match, Devon called out several members of Aces and Eights to ringside. With Ray surrounded by the large group, Sting and some of the TNA roster storm to the ring. Once the ring is cleared, Ray and Devon begin to fight.

After Ray is thrown outside the ring by an Aces and Eights member, Joseph Park jumps in and brawls with the member. Park reaches for the mask and Luke Gallows is revealed as one of the Aces and Eights members. Gallows, in frustration, choke slams Park through a table to end Impact! Wrestling.